Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lost Spoilers, Clues, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Season 3, Episode 10 - Have Hope Hurley

Have Hope Hurley! That sums it up. We love you dude.

This is our Lost Spoilers guide for Lost season 3, episode 10, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”. The spoilers post is a good episode summary (follow the link and scroll down). Below are some spoilers, clues and hope for the future.

All you have to do is say sorry.)

Kate and Sawyer Spoilers: Readers of this blog knew about the Lost mid-season correction over a month ago, and in this episode part arrived. Kate and Sawyer split up. In a scene added to this episode, Sawyer refuses to say "sorry". Nevertheless it is pretty clear Kate and Sawyer still have love, but they are split. Sawyer goes for the male bonding adventure with Hurley, Jin and Charlie, while Kate strikes out on her own to join a girl tribe with Rousseau. The real Lost spoilers will be Sawyer will Cowboy up and say "sorry", just like he taught Jin.

(Hurley, keep hope alive)

The recurring theme introduced for the remainder of the Lost season is Hope, and make your own destiny. Hurley delivered this turning point, literally for the plot line, and figuratively for the self-debate going on in the Lost inner sanctum.

Hurley has hope, the Losties have Lost it to the Lost island. In a spiritual journey, Hurley finds the VW hippie van, but the Losties, spirit dead have no hope. Paulo, played by Brazilian hope Rodrigo Santoro, says, "why bother". The Paulo Lost spoilers are that Paulo too brings immense significance as we will learn in a few weeks, think 4.

In the recurring theme, Hurley tells depressed, Charlie (dead man walking) to have hope. He tells Sawyer to have hope the car will start. Sawyer, like Paulo, feels, "there is no hope here". Wrong again.

So, Hurley gets in the van, Charlie riding shotgun. An instant before they hit the rocks and die, the clutch kicks and rock 'n roll time is here again. Strike up the hippie music to fit the hippie van, Three Dog Night and "Shambala".

Young Hurley Lost spoilers: Young Hugo Hurley is thin and has great curly hair. We find out how Hurley got his eating disorder. In the critical moment of his life, he turns the key, and the car won't start. Then his dad played by Cheech Marin packs up and leaves. Dad's last act was to hand Hurley a chocolate bar - that looked suspiciously like the infamous Apollo bars of before the repackaging introduced over the summer in the Lost Experience web game.

Hurley's failure with car repair in the flashback is juxtaposed with the car repair story on the Lost island. This time, Hurley keeps his hope and makes his own luck, rather than relying on the Hurley numbers. The Dharma van that should never start does. A miracle. No gas, rusted engine, but vroooom. The island delivers redemption to Hurley. And Hurley takes Charlie along for the ride.

Van Lost Spoilers: You may have been worrying that nice Hurley hippie van will become a weapon of war, appropriated by Kate for her raid on the Others' cult village to liberate Jack. Don't worry, be happy. Doesn't happen. They choose to walk rather than ride. Why use a car to travel 20 miles, when you can walk, after all ;) ? The Mr. Cluck's van in the flashback flips over in the same position as the VW van when Hurley finds it. And, the delivery guy is on the ground in the same type of position as Rogers the skeleton. Nice transition.

More Hurley Lost Spoilers: We now know how Hurley wound up in or winds up in the mental institution. Hurley had recurring misfortune his entire life. The car wouldn't start. Dad abandoned his family, and leaves Hurley with an eating disorder with his last act. He wins $114,000,000 in the super mega lotto jackpot using the famous Hurley numbers, 4-8-15-16-23-42, and he uses his winnings to buy Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, why? He likes chicken of course. But the shack gets exploded by a meteor and bye bye Trica Tanaka TV reporter. His dad returns, but really is after Hurley's money. So Hurley has a mental breakdown, decides to run and give away all the money. Whew, any point in that litany could wind you up in rehab. Excactly how / when that last step happens is for a future revelation.

Turning point Lost Spoilers clues: This episode was about life change, hope and destiny. Charlie's death curse is broken. He sat shotgun and lived. Hurley made his own luck and started the van. Jin loves Sun and will learn English. Hurley has a working car. Sawyer loves Kate in the end, and decides he will say "sorry". Sawyer has his stash re-loaded with beer. And Kate is in the Jungle determined to track down Jack, with Rousseau. Most of all, Rousseau now has hope she will get her daughter Alex back.

Oh, did you notice Sawyer called Charlie a munchkin? Wrong movie ... He's a Hobbit!


J Reidy said...

i think hurley already was in the mental institution. that's where he got the numbers in the first place.

he went back to find out where lenny got them from and was told australia.

we see him leave for australia after his dad admits to trying to con him.

so something happened before he hit the lottery that sent him to the nut least that's how i remember it.


whatever said...

Was the scene between Sawyer and Kate really added later?
If so, why?

Sawyer ''cowboying up'' and saying sorry is a spoiler or just your assumption?