Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost Spoilers: Lost Season 4, Episode 1 Spoilers

This is the return of the Lost Spoilers blog for Lost Season 4, back on ABC Thursdays.

The big Lost Spoilers for Season 4 is that the ratings will go up this season. Ok, that's Contender's Lost Spoilers blog speculation really. But with ABC moving Lost an hour earlier, there is a larger viewer pool available. Also, with the Hollywood writers strike, there really is not much scripted drama competition. This all equals Lost ratings.

They're Back and on the run ...Lost Season 4 promotion

As Lost Season 4 is about to begin, the real big Lost Spoilers courtesy of ABC and the Hollywood writers strike is there is a pretty good chance that Season 4 will be a strike-shortened season. Eight-nine Lost Season 4 episodes are in the can as they say in Hollywood. In other words, the Lost spoilers are that after something like eight or nine or ten Lost episodes on ABC, expect the season to come to a close, without a lot of the threads resolved. The strike may come to an end, enabling further production of the full 16 episode run originally planned for Lost season 4, and that would be a major coup.

I posted a lot more Lost spoilers over at at my old Lost Spoilers Blog over there.

On a non-Lost-spoilers topic, I also have been thinking about the debate over whether everyone really is dead or in Lost purgatory. I posted that at the Lost Debate.