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Lost Spoilers, Clues, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Season 3, Episode 10 - Have Hope Hurley

Have Hope Hurley! That sums it up. We love you dude.

This is our Lost Spoilers guide for Lost season 3, episode 10, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”. The spoilers post is a good episode summary (follow the link and scroll down). Below are some spoilers, clues and hope for the future.

All you have to do is say sorry.)

Kate and Sawyer Spoilers: Readers of this blog knew about the Lost mid-season correction over a month ago, and in this episode part arrived. Kate and Sawyer split up. In a scene added to this episode, Sawyer refuses to say "sorry". Nevertheless it is pretty clear Kate and Sawyer still have love, but they are split. Sawyer goes for the male bonding adventure with Hurley, Jin and Charlie, while Kate strikes out on her own to join a girl tribe with Rousseau. The real Lost spoilers will be Sawyer will Cowboy up and say "sorry", just like he taught Jin.

(Hurley, keep hope alive)

The recurring theme introduced for the remainder of the Lost season is Hope, and make your own destiny. Hurley delivered this turning point, literally for the plot line, and figuratively for the self-debate going on in the Lost inner sanctum.

Hurley has hope, the Losties have Lost it to the Lost island. In a spiritual journey, Hurley finds the VW hippie van, but the Losties, spirit dead have no hope. Paulo, played by Brazilian hope Rodrigo Santoro, says, "why bother". The Paulo Lost spoilers are that Paulo too brings immense significance as we will learn in a few weeks, think 4.

In the recurring theme, Hurley tells depressed, Charlie (dead man walking) to have hope. He tells Sawyer to have hope the car will start. Sawyer, like Paulo, feels, "there is no hope here". Wrong again.

So, Hurley gets in the van, Charlie riding shotgun. An instant before they hit the rocks and die, the clutch kicks and rock 'n roll time is here again. Strike up the hippie music to fit the hippie van, Three Dog Night and "Shambala".

Young Hurley Lost spoilers: Young Hugo Hurley is thin and has great curly hair. We find out how Hurley got his eating disorder. In the critical moment of his life, he turns the key, and the car won't start. Then his dad played by Cheech Marin packs up and leaves. Dad's last act was to hand Hurley a chocolate bar - that looked suspiciously like the infamous Apollo bars of before the repackaging introduced over the summer in the Lost Experience web game.

Hurley's failure with car repair in the flashback is juxtaposed with the car repair story on the Lost island. This time, Hurley keeps his hope and makes his own luck, rather than relying on the Hurley numbers. The Dharma van that should never start does. A miracle. No gas, rusted engine, but vroooom. The island delivers redemption to Hurley. And Hurley takes Charlie along for the ride.

Van Lost Spoilers: You may have been worrying that nice Hurley hippie van will become a weapon of war, appropriated by Kate for her raid on the Others' cult village to liberate Jack. Don't worry, be happy. Doesn't happen. They choose to walk rather than ride. Why use a car to travel 20 miles, when you can walk, after all ;) ? The Mr. Cluck's van in the flashback flips over in the same position as the VW van when Hurley finds it. And, the delivery guy is on the ground in the same type of position as Rogers the skeleton. Nice transition.

More Hurley Lost Spoilers: We now know how Hurley wound up in or winds up in the mental institution. Hurley had recurring misfortune his entire life. The car wouldn't start. Dad abandoned his family, and leaves Hurley with an eating disorder with his last act. He wins $114,000,000 in the super mega lotto jackpot using the famous Hurley numbers, 4-8-15-16-23-42, and he uses his winnings to buy Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, why? He likes chicken of course. But the shack gets exploded by a meteor and bye bye Trica Tanaka TV reporter. His dad returns, but really is after Hurley's money. So Hurley has a mental breakdown, decides to run and give away all the money. Whew, any point in that litany could wind you up in rehab. Excactly how / when that last step happens is for a future revelation.

Turning point Lost Spoilers clues: This episode was about life change, hope and destiny. Charlie's death curse is broken. He sat shotgun and lived. Hurley made his own luck and started the van. Jin loves Sun and will learn English. Hurley has a working car. Sawyer loves Kate in the end, and decides he will say "sorry". Sawyer has his stash re-loaded with beer. And Kate is in the Jungle determined to track down Jack, with Rousseau. Most of all, Rousseau now has hope she will get her daughter Alex back.

Oh, did you notice Sawyer called Charlie a munchkin? Wrong movie ... He's a Hobbit!

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Lighten It Up Lost Spoilers Hooray

Lost Spoilers Update: Next week is "Enter 77", Lost Season 3, Episode 11 - A Sayid - centric episode and learn what our favorite Iraqi commando torturer was doing visiting Paris (France, not Hilton) anyway. As usual, we'll have all the spoilers for that episode in a few days. The Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Episode 10, Feb. 28) episode spoilers and clues summary will come shortly after the broadcast. Check back soon.


A number of Lost spoilers and fake misdirection Lost spoilers are floating around the Internet on the upcoming Lost episode, “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”, Lost Season 3, Episode 10 from ABC TV.

Count on us to help you sort it out. So here are the new spoilers bearing the Contender’s Lost Spoilers blog seal of approval, all 100% verified and accurate …. Insert your favorite Not Joke here. And, thanks for sending some in Ms. Anonymous, you know who you are!

In the flashback, Hurley spends a lot of time with his mom and dad, shown here having dinner at his mansion’s pool. This is the mansion Hurley bought with his super mega lotto jackpot millions. Notice the Dharma – esque design on the pool wall.

Hurley loves his cars, but is depressed over how unlucky those darn numbers are, killing poor Tricia and clobbering the Chicken Shack with a meteor. His daddy Cheech is smiling though, and wishes Hurley would not go to Australia. Hurley has a car collection at home in his mansion, including his love, the red baby on blocks in the foreground, and notice the Hummer in the back:

This follows on nicely with the current Lost island story, in which Hurley discovers the VW bus, and Jin and Sawyer help him get it on the road. Here are a few promo pictures:

Roger the skeleton enjoying a Dharma beer:

Vincent the dog is back, after digging up bones, so to speak. He comes running to the beach, giving Roger the skeleton a hand … Er, I mean, with Roger the skeleton’s hand, in Vincent the dog’s mouth, yum. No wonder nobody wants to help Hurley get the car started, after all, poor Roger was the driver.

Hurley is so glad to have Sawyer back, it is love at first sight!

So, now that Sawyer is, um with Hurley, Kate is alone again. But really, Kate embarks without Sawyer on her mission to track down Danielle Rousseau to help out with freeing Jack. Rousseau resists, but the revelation of Alex, who may or may not be her daughter may or may not carry the day :). Tune in later in the season to find out. With a huntress like Rousseau, who needs a trained Iraqi commando torturer like Sayid?

Good thing Roger got himself together, as he gets ready for a drink with his buds Sawyer, Hurley and Jin:

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Lost Spoilers: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", Season 3, Episode 10

Lost makes it to double-digits this week!

Here are the Lost spoilers for Lost Season 3, Episode 10, which has the mysterious title, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”. Think Hurley, think Hurley-centric, think skeleton key. No not skeleton key, skeleton is the key. Finally we can lay aside for a week hand wringing over whether to go back and save Jack (Kate eventually will round up the posse), or whether Sawyer and Kate let their true natures out … Warning there was misdirection in this paragraph, read to end.

No, here we go for some good old fun at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, with Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong fame guest starring as the Hurley flashback dad. The ABC marketing gurus have not missed, or should we say, Lost a step on this one as they have rolled out the humor for the spoilers teaser. Best performance by a polar bear: Lost, Best visuals ... Kate in a bikini, Best creepy guy ... evil Ben:

Hurley finds a car wreck on the Lost island, might that be the infamous VW van of Lost spoilers past? Say yes, yes, yes. Look for Sawyer, Jin and some Buds to share a bud. That’s the spoilers from Lost Moment 11 spoilers a month ago right here. First, that van needs some gas.

Here are some more of the Lost spoilers, just as Sun is trying to force Jin to learn English, Hurley comes barging in about the car...nobody will help him gas it up, except Jin:

The real Kate / Sawyer Lost spoilers :) Actually, in this episode, Kate saves Sawyer and they reinvigorate their relationship, as Kate says, start again, clean slate. The spoilers are, yes and no, don't count on it, and, you will stay tuned:

Sayid and Locke Lost spoilers: Finally Kate and Sawyer hit the beach and are de-briefed by Sayid and Locke. Kate heads off to get help, and you know who it's from ... Yep Dannielle Rousseau, Alex's mother, and poor Karl's, well no relation, yet. How does she know where to look? Dart givaway.

True to half-baked rescue plans past, why bother taking the Iraqi Republican Guard torturer guy Sayid on a commando rescue mission? Hmmm can't think of any reason to do that ... ;)

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Lost Spoilers Episode Clues: Season 3, Episode 9, Strangers in a Strange Land

(Sawyer cowboy's up)

This is the Contender’s Lost Spoilers blog for Lost season 3, episode 9, “Strangers in a Strange Land”. For this episode, I’m summarizing what we learned, some clues and some spoilers theories on the future.

Episode 9 was all about relationships coming together or falling apart. Season 3, Episode 10 will be back to the beach, following up on Desmond's stunning revelation. In this Lost episode:

  • Jack and Juliet are together - sailing like Titanic, bonded through adversity in the goal of keeping Ben faithful to his promise to grant their freedom.

  • Karl and Alex are apart longing for one another like Romeo & Juliet, star-crossed lovers gazing at the the galaxy to the end.

  • Sawyer and Kate are on the rocks.

The Tailies: Finally we found the surviving Tailies, Cindy the stewardess, and Emma and Zach, the kidnapped children from “The Other 48 Days”. So they are there watching… watching what? On the surface they were there to watch the trial of Juliet for killing Pickett. Delving deeper, the Lost spoilers are they are claiming to be watching, as opposed to participating in the evil deeds of the evil Others. Stockholm syndrome at play.

Others Cult Spoilers: Yet again the Others look like a cult. The symbology at the trial, the bizarre "sheriff" Isabel with the Toronto accent, and Ben's decree of “marking” Juliet with a brand recalling the discredited Salem witch trials.

Ben’s infection Lost spoilers – it happened, as everyone reading our blogs here knew. With the operating room conditions unsanitary it was immense spoilers insight (not) to know that Ben would have a serious back infection.

The marking Lost spoilers clues: Ben is bed ridden, riddled with infection. To save his own life, he knows that he must save is ex-girlfriend Juliet. Ever - vindictive, Ben commutes her death sentence, but brands her as a witch instead. Anybody now doubt Ben's true feelings about Juliet? After that, you can be sure the feeling is mutual.

The meaning of Jack’s tattoos spoilers: “He walks among us but he is not one of us". If that really is what they mean in Chinese characters, it means Jack is a leader, since one who leads does not walk with the masses, but is apart. … Jack says, that is what they say, but not what they mean. The real meaning spoilers are in the eternal bond with Achara, his sexy Thai girlfriend, and the ordeal of near death on Phuket, Thailand beach he paid to seal the bond in eternity.

Jack’s character was being tested in this episode and he passed. Achara can see who people really are, and her tattoo work is "not decoration ... it is definition". So she defines Jack as a leader.

Uh, Achara, you have not been watching Lost Seasons 2 and 3. Lol. Jack is portrayed as impetuous and mis-leading the Losties. But then again, he has taken the “lead” and she was not assessing his talent. So, she marks him as a leader. The real Lost Lost spoilers are buried deep: one purpose of the Island is for its captives to realize their potential and Jack is growing pretty fast into his. In a nice juxtaposition, Juliet is marked after Jack, and they now are bound together.

Best quote: Tom (Mr.) Friendly saying: "What kind of people do you think we are?” Jack could have replied, some kind of weird brainwashing cult. Instead he trots out the evidence – kidnapping a pregnant woman, hang Charlie, kidnapping children.

Karl Reveals: The Others work on "projects" on the small island, but live on the big Lost island.

Kate-Sawyer: Skate fight, of course. As the thousands of readers of this Lost Spoilers blog already knew with 100% accuracy weeks ago, Kate and Sawyer were destined to move apart and now they did. No neat linear relationship with white picket fence … uh unless they decide to go into Room 23 and join the Others.

Sawyer does dispose of some excess baggage, namely Karl. He tells Karl to cowboy up and go back to Alex.

Now to the big Lost spoilers question: Are the Others really evil? We have been led to believe they are kidnappers and brainwashers. Evil. But what if there really are another group of Others, who did those bad deeds, and who are controlling Ben’s group of Others? That would make Ben’s group “the good guys” as Ben has claimed all along.

Lost Spoilers: One Last Stranger Spoiler / Lost Ratings News

I came across this interesting last Lost Spoilers tidbit on

Question: Got anything on tonight's Lost?— Don
Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Kate and Sawyer are going to get rid of some, ahem, excess baggage on their way back "home."

They are implying Karl doesn't make it back with Kate & Sawyer, and may die. I hope he lives, because I like the character, and Alex loves him. Maybe he goes berserk on Kate and Sawyer about "Jacob" and it was self-preservation. We'll see soon enough.

On the Lost ratings controversy, I posted my views in the Lost ratings thread. Briefly, the broohaha over the low Valentine's Day ratings last week is based on an interpretation of ratings data by an AP reporter, likely incorrect. As with a lot of feeding frenzies, they tend to die out when countervailing data comes in. That will happen on Thursday when Neilson releases its preliminary ratings report. I will discuss those numbers and what they mean for Lost when they come out. Rest assured, Lost will return for Season 4 and 5 - unless the producers decide to do movies instead of TV.

Update: The preliminary numbers are in and ABC Lost went from a rating share of 12 on Feb. 14 to a 13 share on Feb. 21. This is a j0ump of 8-9%, even more impressive from the fact it came on one of the weaker episodes of Lost. Will we see 5000 articles reporting the ratings bump? Let's see. Probably not because it will not validate the media frenzy. If ABC moves Lost back to 8 pm expect even a bigger jump.

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Lost Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 9, "Stranger in a Strange Land"

These are the Lost spoilers for “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Lost Season 3, Episode 9. Already we have seen a raft of spoilers for Stranger in a Strange Land. Follow the link for all of them, and scroll down for the earlier posts.

Below is a summary of the Lost TV spoilers for the episode, and some new items too.

Kate and Sawyer finally make it back to land, and Kate wants to go back for Jack. Here is a spoilers promo clip of Kate and Sawyer debating whether to turn around to get Jack. Karl wakes up and it looks like the brainwashing was working on him.

Jack gets moved to a new jail, back to Othersville. Here is a spoilers promo clip of Jack and Mr. Friendly, who keeps getting friendlier:

Jack is now in an above-ground jail. Juliet comes to him to examine Ben again. It turns out that Ben's wound is highly infected. Can't imagine that with the unsanitary operating room conditions ... not. Surprise surprise. Juliet is in a lot of trouble for killing Pickett. The reason? "It's complicated" she says. Here is a spoilers - y promo clip of Jack and Kate:

We’ll learn somethings about the fates of the children the Others kidnapped in their quest for fertility study. As the previews have showed, endlessly, we also finally find the sweet Oceanic Flight 815 stewardess, “just observing” again. Jack pops a vein at that point, so the answer to “observing what?” does not come immediately.

We may also finally get a glimpse of to the new Flame hatch, or will need to wait for Enter 77 when it is fully explored by Kate and Sayid.

The flashback is on Jack, as we see him in Bai Ling’s loving embrace in Bangkok, Thailand. This will be a steamy flashback to say the least. A lot more spoilers on Jack getting his tattoos in Thailand here.

Here is the new promo ABC Lost TV trailer for the episode, interestingly showing the cover of Entertainment Weekly mag:

Here is the “official” episode Lost spoilers press release from ABC, which of course we normally take with a grain of salt for the foilers that sometimes appear in these releases:


"Stranger in a Strange Land" - A power play ensues between Jack and "The Others" as Juliet's future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Kate, Sawyer and Karl continue on their journey away from "Alcatraz," on "Lost," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

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Lost Theories: Desmond Flashback - Real or Fake?

Desmond Returns From His Flashback

I've been getting a lot of questions about the Desmond Flashback in Lost Season 3, Episode 8 "Flashes Before Your Eyes". So, this really is not a Lost spoilers post, but more like a Lost theories post. There is no spoilers-y explanation for it since the spoilers actually are in the creators' intentions. Like a lot about Lost, this was a thinking person's flashback. Not necessarily a tight linear narrative, but rather thought provocation about the rich mystery of the Lost TV series island itself.

What happened was, the flashback was of Desmond's experience as he turned the failsafe hatch key in the season finale of Lost Season 2. Desmond turns the key and is blown clear out of the hatch, and onto the surface of the Lost island. He is unconscious and covered with blood. His life flashes before his eyes, hence the episode 8 title. Desmond was remembering key events of his life, with an overlay of his present experience. The island references, recognition of Charlie and so on were all an overlay of dream on Desmond's memories of his life.

That is my favorite theory among the millions of theories floating around. One theory for each of the 20 million or 14 million or zillion Lost TV show fans... whatever ... If you KNOW, you know what I mean. :)

Back to the theories discussion: you cannot really decipher all that is dream from that which was real, and of course that was the intention of the Lost writers. Alternatively, if you are a cynic, it was just an entertaining mishmash, or you could say Desmond was travelling through time. To give a bone to that camp, the writers conveniently wrote Desmond naked, as losing his clothes. In one literary embodiment of the time travel myth, you lose your clothes when you return home. So, under such a theory Desmond actually time - travelled back to his past and lost his clothes upon return.

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Lost Spoilers, Clues and Eggs from Flashes Before Your Eyes

(Desmond helps Charlie postpone his destiny)

This is a companion post to my Lost Clues blog at You should go there to read my summary of the clues in this Lost episode. Here I will expand on the spoilers - y items, after all this is the Lost Spoilers blog.

A lot of Lost fans are thinking this episode should have been placed as episode 1 for season 3, since it provided some sort of explanation for what happened when the hatch blew up, or imploded. This is a spoilers blog and the answer is: Desmond was fulfilling his destiny.

The title was “Flashes Before Your Eyes”, but it could have been, Finally Locke, Sayid, Charlie, Hurley and Desmond get some face time. Not really. "Flashes Before Your Eyes " was nicely tied to that theme, as the flashback was in flashes before Desmond’s eye, and also relates to the thought process going on at the moment of destiny. This Lost episode could have also been called, Desmond is the key. After all Desmond is the only Lostie to escape from the island and come back to talk about it. We need now to go back and look at all the statements Desmond has made about inevitable destiny and view them with a new respect.

Big spoilers are in why Desmond needed to return to turn the key. We have all the facts and just need to add them up. The missing portion of his back story is how Desmond got in the army, into jail, and then to make a decision to enter evil Charles Widmore’s boat race taking him to his destiny on the island. And, what did he tell the lovely Penny about the plan? The spoilers are that Penny knew to look for the magnetic anomaly (or whatever it was) that would occur when Desmond finally fulfilled his destiny and turned the key. That would be her clue as to his location or the timing of his eventual return.

The Desmond flashback was an undecipherable mixture of actual past events with an overlay of the reflections of present day island Desmond – as his life flashes before his eyes. One spoiler we know for sure is that when Desmond says, it is impossible to escape, he means, for the person he is talking to, the destiny is to remain on the island. And, if they do escape, time will correct that error.

For Charlie that means Charlie has been cheating death, with Desmond’s help, but that streak of luck is bound to end. The example in this episode is Desmond's rescue of Claire. His aggressive shooing away of Charlie is depicted in the picture above (thanks Lostpedia). It seemed odd at the time, but Desmond needed to keep Charlie away to avoid risks to Charlie's life.

If the Charlie's street performance flashback was 100% true, Charlie probably would have remembered the confrontation with Desmond on the street in London. The only explanations are, either the confrontation did not occur, or heroin wiped away Charlie’s brain cells. The spoilers are that the flashback was a dream by Desmond induced by the hatch ex - implosion, and in the dream Desmond mixed the actual event - meeting Charlie on the street, with the overlay of his present friendship with Charlie.

Desmond tried to escape, but his destiny was to come back to turn the key. He sailed away but time corrected that error and took him back at the end of Season 2 of Lost.

Then there was Charles Widmore – the mysterious man of many insults:

  • “This swallow is worth more than you could make in a month” … maybe.

  • “You will never be a great man” … wrong, Desmond turned out to be great, since pushing the button and turning the key would be great things he accomplished. We do not know why they were great, although the leading explanation is those events are his test of worth leading to his reunion with the lovely Penny Widmore. Oh, also he saved humanity from destruction.

This episode brought back the Lost clues, Easter eggs and spoilers hints Lost fans love … in droves:

  • Beginning flashback song, “Building A Mystery”

  • Beep on microwave, same as the eerie warning to push the hatch button

  • Microwave numbers, 1:08

  • Parcel delivery for (4) suite 8-15 at the Widmore Industries office.

  • In Charles “whisky” Widmore’s office, the old broken down boat – the Black Rock (Black Rock spoilers to come), a polar bear painting and the word “namaste” backwards on the wall.

  • Charlie on the street performing Oasis’ “Wonderwall” – following the wall theme.

  • Ads in the soccer game on TV in the bar: Apollo Candy, The Hanso Foundation, Oceanic Airlines, Hurley's Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, Gannon Car Rentals (mysteriously appearing in Heroes the same week!)

  • Song in the bar – same song Desmond played on button-pushing duty.

  • The diamond lady Ms. Hawking – like “M” from James Bond fame, and like the Oracle in the Matrix trilogy, an all knowing seer of the future and past. Second of the Hawking-based spoilers in two weeks, the first being his book being read by the Other guarding Karl's Room 23 brainwashing session.

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Lost Valentine

Yet again, your humble Lost spoilers blogger was accurate in predicting a Lost Valentine connection with "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Lost Season 3, Episode 8 (kind of close). The episode was full of surprises, and I will post the clues - y spoilers - like episode twists and turns on Thursday this time.

The Valentine I am writing about here is a Valentine's surprise present from ABC to the Lost fans. This coming on the heals of the Lost bloopers floating around the Internet make this a nice duo for the literally thousands of Lost spoilers blog readers.

By the way, that number is accurate and I've been surprised by and grateful for how fast the word has gotten around about this blog.

Anyway, now that I'm all misty eyed, the point of this post is the press release put out by ABC for Valentine's Day. ABC will be putting up a total of 60 Lost video Back Stories on Four each week for the next 12 weeks.

The first four of the Lost video Back Stories are online now, so these really are not spoilers: The first four are Juliet, Kate, Sawyer and Locke. They seem like compilations of flashbacks from previous episodes, not much new. They will be good for new Lost fans, and as refreshers for everyone else.

Here is what ABC said about the Lost video Back Stories:


A Lost Valentine present from ABC. is giving "Lost" fans a Valentine's Day surprise with the first installment of four video back stories (Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Locke). Created to provide new viewers insight into the lives of the series' characters and to give fans an opportunity to see characters' back stories in chronological order, each video combines scenes from previously aired episodes. Every Wednesday four back story segments will debut on until the end of the season (60 total).

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day from Contender.
xoxoxoxox :)

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Lost Bloopers

A couple of Lost blooper reels are making it around the Internet. Here, for the convenience of the vast legions of Lost spoilers blog readers ;) we know it all, are the YouTube embeds. Contender admits it ... I love bloopers. Have fun!

Lost Season 2 bloopers ... chew with your mouth closed:

Lost Season 1 bloopers, ahhh the memories:

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Lost Spoilers: More Flashes Before Your Eyes, Season 3, Episode 8

Lost Spoilers for Flashes Before Your Eyes, Season 3, Episode 8. It feels like the season is just beginning, but we really are in Part II of Season 3. Keeping with the Part II theme, this is a continuation of my Lost spoilers for the Valentine's Day episode of Lost. Part I was the raft of spoilers post, and there are a lot of others that I've posted over the past few months and you can find those spoilers posts following this link and scroll down.

I actually have been looking forward to this episode a lot, since Desmond is one of my favorite Lost characters. Ep. 8 is a Desmond-centric episode, equipped with a Desmond flashback, which the producers have touted as unlike any other. Behind the hype will be revelations of how Desmond got where he is - and of the mysterious Widmore clan. The Desmond is new and improved for Season 3, the ability to see the future. What does he see? The previews repeatedly have warned us that he sees someone's death. Of course, every human dies, so it does not take much talent to predict that. But Desmond knows more. Expect him to be vague.

Ep. 7 last week gave us a hint of Widmores to come, as Juliet's sister Rachel tested herself with one of those ubiquitous Widmore Pharmaceuticals home pregnancy test kits - depicted in the photo (thanks DarkUFO).

Did you notice the references to the Lost Experience ARG last week? Mittelos, recalling Mittelwerk the evil star of the ARG, and of course Rachel, Juliet's sister recalling Rachel Blake the good star of the ARG.

Here is the official Lost press release from ABC, which usually has some spoilers, and sometimes some misdirection:


This is the headline ... Hurley and Charlie go and confront Desmond.

"Flashes Before Your Eyes" - A suspicious and determined Hurley enlists Charlie to help him wrangle the truth out of Desmond, who has been acting strangely ever since the implosion of the hatch, on "Lost,"

Look for Desmond to remain coy. He feels the horror of what happened from the implosion and failure to press the button.

"Lost" stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, Dominic Monaghan as Charlie and Terry O'Quinn as Locke.

Guest starring are Sonya Walger as Penny Widmore, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Shishir Kurup as Donovan, Fionnula Flanagan as Ms. Hawking, Katie Doyle as receptionist, Jeremy Colvin as delivery man, Michael Titterton as bartender and David Cordell as Jimmy Lennon.

Penny is back.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Raft of Lost Spoilers Rowing In

The next episode of Lost is "Flashes Before Your Eyes" - Season 3, Episode 8. To kick off the Lost spoilers for this episode, it is a Valentine's Day special, so expect romance to be in the air.
Now for the easy Kate and Sawyer Lost spoiler, the last we saw of Kate and Sawyer and unconscious Karl, they were rowing back to the big Lost Island, as shown in the picture at the left. Expect Kate to have remourse over leaving Jack and contemplate turning around to try to go back and get him - even though Jack insisted she not do that.

Back in the cult spoilers, time for Jack to get back to Othersville - the Others' cult camp, for some old fashioned reeducation. Juliet too. So, they will have something in common, to serve as a basis for a blossoming relationship.

I'll have more on the Lost Flashes Before Your Eyes episode in my spoilers post for the episode early next week.

Here are a few Lost Spoilers courtesy of the typically vague hints in TV Guide.

Ok, next few weeks there will be flashbacks for Desmond (Flashes Before Your Eyes) and some of the old familiar beach Losties, Claire, Hurley, and Sayid, and Jack too. Probably the biggest Lost spoiler is finally we will learn a bit more about how Locke became wheelchair bound. He slipped on a banana peel ... seriously not funny ... I don't know right now. But Terry O'Quinn has personally guaranteed "It's pretty stunning".

Some of the kidnapped childern, not Walt, are seen in Season 3, Episode 9, Stranger In A Strange Land - along with the Oceanic Flight 815 stewardess Cindy.

In Season 3, Episode 9 we will get some more info on the connection of the Others to the Dharma Initiative. It was pretty clear from Episode 7 (Not In Portland) that Juliet was recruited by the evil Others, and Dharma. So we are slated to learn a bit more, and vidit a new hatch, the Flame hatch.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lost Spoiler Clues and Hints From Not In Portland

(New Promotion Poster for Lost Season 3, Part 2)

Major Lost Spoilers-age Ahead

This is a companion post to my blog at Lost Clues blog at You should go there to read my summary of the clues in this Lost episode. Here I will expand on the spoilers - y items, after all this is the Lost Spoilers blog.

The episode title "Not in Portland" was nicely tied to the theme that nothing is as it seems - in this Lost episode and in Lost in general.

Juliet was recruited under false pretenses to Mittelos Bioscience. Mittelos is an anagram for "Lost Time". Time can be lost, an interesting theory -- like when the sky turns purple. It will be interesting to see where the show goes with that.

Mittelos also reminds of Mittelwerk - he was the psychopath who usurped control of the Hanso Foundation for evil purposes in the Lost Experience game. Now Juliet's company is named for him.

Look for as the possible start of a new Lost web game. The site is up, but no content yet. Looks like such an obviously fake unofficial site that it may actually be real... time will tell.

Any doubt Dharma is evil? They committed murder to lure Juliet. She has to watch her loose expressions in the future.

Jack's love for Kate comes through and hers for him as she remembers his story. Sawyer sees the connection in Kate’s eyes and is understanding, but not thrilled. The spoiler is that Kate will continue to have a Jack connection and there will a cloud of sorrow over her relationship with Sawyer until Jack is returned.

As predicted a zillion times in the Lost spoilers, Alex, Danielle Rousseau’s daughter shows up just in time and saves Sawyer and Kate from the evil pursuing others. The spoiler is Alex will show up again as the Lostaways saving angel.

Kate may have had a ticket off the island, assuming Ben was truthful in his promise. Being Ben, probably he was lying, after all Ben is a liar. The spoilers will be that Juliet blew her ticket home by pulling the trigger and killing Pickett - if she ever really had that prospect.

A big spoiler is IF Ben is Alex's biological father, and Rousseau is her biological daughter, that explains why Ben was all alone in the jungle to be captured by Rousseau. He was visiting her in the jungle alone. She decided to capture him and turn him over to the Lostaways.

Maybe the biggest of the spoilers is that Desmond knows the problem with the Island or has clues to its affects. In Season 2 he returns in his boat, but reported huge resignation about what is going on outside and the impossibility of escape. This will be developed further in Season 3. Lost Time is a clue to a problem with time itself on the Island, like it was blown out of sync with the outside world by Desmond's failure to press the button. Desmond's own time clock is out of sync too, as he senses future events now. More on Desmond next week in Episode 8. Another clue was when Mr. Friendly implied that ever since the sky turned purple ...

Last Moment - Lost Spoilers

One of the Lost spoilers is, The entire Lost Survivor Guide episode now is up on Yahoo. Their version is a bit longer than the version that is being broadcast. Here is a link for it: Lost Survivor Guide.

Also, the producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have dished a lot of new Lost spoilers in, including Not In Portland spoilers, the remainder of Lost Season 3 spoilers and some Lost Season 4 spoilers. Here is a summary:

Michael and Walt Spoilers: This story will be continued in Lost Season 4

Other Others Lost Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 7 will start filling in the story of the Others (think a cross of Clockwork Orange and BF Skinner nightmare). Some were native born Lost islanders, while others were recruited to the Lost island like Juliet.

Dharma and the Others Spoilers: The connection between the Dharma Initiative and the Others will be revealed in Season 3, Episode 11 of Lost.

Libby Spoilers: Season 4 will address who Libby is and how she got into a mental ward with Hurley. Her story will be told through a flashback, and not through a current beach Lostaway flashback.

Sayid Cat Spoilers: Sayid’s cat will be in Season 3, Episode 11 … can’t wait for that one!

Skeletons Spoilers: There will be anagrams in Season 3, Episode 7 that shed light on the the skeletons and on the timing of some events on the Lost island.

Claire / Jack Spoilers: Sometime in the next six episodes the question of whether Claire is Jack’s half sister will be answered.

Flight 815 Crash Spoilers: Did Desmond’s failure to push the button cause Oceanic Flight 815 to crash? Yes and no. It would not have crashed if Desmond pushed the button, but cause and effect not revealed.

Penelope Spoilers: More to come in Season 3, Episode 8, in Desmond’s flashback.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Final Not In Portland Spoilers

The hype is on and Lost is leaking fast! It is a finely tuned PR machine. First there were a series of stories on how Lost is going to remind everyone of why they love the mystery of the show. Now the entire next episode – Lost series 3, episode 7, has been leaked.

This is a spoilers blog, right? So why aren’t we publishing the whole thing? First, ABC apparently asked people not to do that. Second it’s just a day away! Our compromise is to give some pretty good spoilers … or misdirection … but not the whole thing:

  • Karl – remember him? The nice kid who Alex loves? Sawyer’s cage mate in Season 1, Episode 3 is back. Think Clockwork Orange. We learn why the Others so resemble a cult – which readers of this blog knew months ago on By the time this episode is over everyone will love Karl.

  • Juliet – the episode revolves around her. “Not In Portland” means she is being recruited to the island, and it’s not in Portland. Juliet is a Dharma recruit, preying on her vulnerability. There will be no doubt that whoever is controlling Dharma is evil.

  • Jack - Jack and Juliet have tense moments in the operating room, depicted in the PR photo above.

  • Do Sawyer and Kate get away? Yes, they evade the evil pursuing Others, but no, they still are on the little Alcatraz island. The escape back to the big Lost island is for next week, "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Season 3, Episode 8 of Lost

  • Alex – Helps the escape.

  • Ben – is Alex's “father”. We do not know if he is a bio dad, or adoptive dad.

  • Enjoy...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Escape Spoilers - Desmond Spoilers

Lost Spoilers ahead ...

The two upcoming episodes of Lost now have a lot of spoilers floating around, some misdirection. Here are a couple of preview clips that show the flavor of what we can expect:

  • From Not In Portland, Lost Season 3, Episode 7 (this week!): More spoilers details on Kate / Sawyer escape - Juliet double crosses Jack and orders the Others to pursue Kate and Sawyer at all costs, even if that means dead or alive. Just when the unknown Other is about to extract his revenge, and unseen ally, likely Alex (jungle lady Rousseau's daughter) or Karl (Alex's boyfriend) lunges out from a hiding place and strikes down the would-be assassin:

  • From Lost Season 3, Episode 8, "Flashes Before Your Eyes": Desmond Rescues Claire spoiler clip - this is an extended version of a clip released a while back. Desmond mysteriously senses that Claire is in peril in the middle of Hurley's line, drops everything and runs to the beach evading the Dharma sharks and rescues an unconscious Lostaway. Charlie is a few steps behind.

  • Sunday, February 4, 2007

    Lost Spoilers Blog - The Beginning

    Spoiler Alert: Don't read this blog if you don't want
    to know the future of Lost.

    Q - When is a date not a date?
    A - In Contender's Lost Spoilers Blog.

    Why? We can see the future, of course. After all, that's what Lost spoilers are all about!

    Did you notice the date of this post? It's in the future ... woooooooo (scary scifi sounds!). Actually, it's so it appears first, as the software puts everything in reverse chron order.

    In this blog, take the dates with a big grain of salt. What they mean is either (1) the date the spoiler is supposed to happen, like the episode in which it occurs, or (2) the real date I made the post. How you might ask can readers tell the difference? Not sure says the blogger ;) .

    I think it will all make sense eventually. So keep coming back, and have fun!

    Intro: This is my blog on spoilers found in the Lost series from ABC. I will continue to post my blog on, so go there for a lot of the episode clues or spoilers that I am posting. Here in this blog, I will focus more on spoilers as compared to my blog at Lost Exposed in a different format, and I also will add in some new stuff as I think of it!

    Saturday, February 3, 2007

    Jack Arm Art Lost Spoilers

    Ok arm art = tattoos. Yet again the Contender's Lost Spoilers has reported with 100% accuracy the future of Lost. The spoilers of course are tattoos on hero Jack's arm. If you believe the comments, a lot of people are getting annoyed that Jack still is the focus of so much of the show. But hey, he carried Lost for a while didn't he? I don't remember.

    Anyway enough reminiscing with Jack and let's look at the new spoiler, that really isn't new if you have been keeping up with the spoilers Lost here.

    Yes, tattoos on Jack's arms are going to be a focus. Lost Moment 13, the final and good luck not spoiler is upon us and what do you know? The nasty new Other is taunting Jack with the meaning of his tattoos. She implies Jack does not know the meaning. And their meaning is ... sorry no Chinese language spoilers available here... Do you know? Click here to see what one person says.

    That is Lost Moment 13. Lost Moment 12 was Kate and Sawyer rowing back to the big Lost island. And for the hundred millionth time, Kate says stop Sawyer, we must turn around and get Jack (my other love). Do they get back to the big Lost island? Yes. Otherwise, Sawyer can't drink a beer and kick back with Jin with skelly and a VW bus.