Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jack Arm Art Lost Spoilers

Ok arm art = tattoos. Yet again the Contender's Lost Spoilers has reported with 100% accuracy the future of Lost. The spoilers of course are tattoos on hero Jack's arm. If you believe the comments, a lot of people are getting annoyed that Jack still is the focus of so much of the show. But hey, he carried Lost for a while didn't he? I don't remember.

Anyway enough reminiscing with Jack and let's look at the new spoiler, that really isn't new if you have been keeping up with the spoilers Lost here.

Yes, tattoos on Jack's arms are going to be a focus. Lost Moment 13, the final and good luck not spoiler is upon us and what do you know? The nasty new Other is taunting Jack with the meaning of his tattoos. She implies Jack does not know the meaning. And their meaning is ... sorry no Chinese language spoilers available here... Do you know? Click here to see what one person says.

That is Lost Moment 13. Lost Moment 12 was Kate and Sawyer rowing back to the big Lost island. And for the hundred millionth time, Kate says stop Sawyer, we must turn around and get Jack (my other love). Do they get back to the big Lost island? Yes. Otherwise, Sawyer can't drink a beer and kick back with Jin with skelly and a VW bus.

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