Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lighten It Up Lost Spoilers Hooray

Lost Spoilers Update: Next week is "Enter 77", Lost Season 3, Episode 11 - A Sayid - centric episode and learn what our favorite Iraqi commando torturer was doing visiting Paris (France, not Hilton) anyway. As usual, we'll have all the spoilers for that episode in a few days. The Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Episode 10, Feb. 28) episode spoilers and clues summary will come shortly after the broadcast. Check back soon.


A number of Lost spoilers and fake misdirection Lost spoilers are floating around the Internet on the upcoming Lost episode, “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”, Lost Season 3, Episode 10 from ABC TV.

Count on us to help you sort it out. So here are the new spoilers bearing the Contender’s Lost Spoilers blog seal of approval, all 100% verified and accurate …. Insert your favorite Not Joke here. And, thanks for sending some in Ms. Anonymous, you know who you are!

In the flashback, Hurley spends a lot of time with his mom and dad, shown here having dinner at his mansion’s pool. This is the mansion Hurley bought with his super mega lotto jackpot millions. Notice the Dharma – esque design on the pool wall.

Hurley loves his cars, but is depressed over how unlucky those darn numbers are, killing poor Tricia and clobbering the Chicken Shack with a meteor. His daddy Cheech is smiling though, and wishes Hurley would not go to Australia. Hurley has a car collection at home in his mansion, including his love, the red baby on blocks in the foreground, and notice the Hummer in the back:

This follows on nicely with the current Lost island story, in which Hurley discovers the VW bus, and Jin and Sawyer help him get it on the road. Here are a few promo pictures:

Roger the skeleton enjoying a Dharma beer:

Vincent the dog is back, after digging up bones, so to speak. He comes running to the beach, giving Roger the skeleton a hand … Er, I mean, with Roger the skeleton’s hand, in Vincent the dog’s mouth, yum. No wonder nobody wants to help Hurley get the car started, after all, poor Roger was the driver.

Hurley is so glad to have Sawyer back, it is love at first sight!

So, now that Sawyer is, um with Hurley, Kate is alone again. But really, Kate embarks without Sawyer on her mission to track down Danielle Rousseau to help out with freeing Jack. Rousseau resists, but the revelation of Alex, who may or may not be her daughter may or may not carry the day :). Tune in later in the season to find out. With a huntress like Rousseau, who needs a trained Iraqi commando torturer like Sayid?

Good thing Roger got himself together, as he gets ready for a drink with his buds Sawyer, Hurley and Jin:

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