Monday, February 19, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 9, "Stranger in a Strange Land"

These are the Lost spoilers for “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Lost Season 3, Episode 9. Already we have seen a raft of spoilers for Stranger in a Strange Land. Follow the link for all of them, and scroll down for the earlier posts.

Below is a summary of the Lost TV spoilers for the episode, and some new items too.

Kate and Sawyer finally make it back to land, and Kate wants to go back for Jack. Here is a spoilers promo clip of Kate and Sawyer debating whether to turn around to get Jack. Karl wakes up and it looks like the brainwashing was working on him.

Jack gets moved to a new jail, back to Othersville. Here is a spoilers promo clip of Jack and Mr. Friendly, who keeps getting friendlier:

Jack is now in an above-ground jail. Juliet comes to him to examine Ben again. It turns out that Ben's wound is highly infected. Can't imagine that with the unsanitary operating room conditions ... not. Surprise surprise. Juliet is in a lot of trouble for killing Pickett. The reason? "It's complicated" she says. Here is a spoilers - y promo clip of Jack and Kate:

We’ll learn somethings about the fates of the children the Others kidnapped in their quest for fertility study. As the previews have showed, endlessly, we also finally find the sweet Oceanic Flight 815 stewardess, “just observing” again. Jack pops a vein at that point, so the answer to “observing what?” does not come immediately.

We may also finally get a glimpse of to the new Flame hatch, or will need to wait for Enter 77 when it is fully explored by Kate and Sayid.

The flashback is on Jack, as we see him in Bai Ling’s loving embrace in Bangkok, Thailand. This will be a steamy flashback to say the least. A lot more spoilers on Jack getting his tattoos in Thailand here.

Here is the new promo ABC Lost TV trailer for the episode, interestingly showing the cover of Entertainment Weekly mag:

Here is the “official” episode Lost spoilers press release from ABC, which of course we normally take with a grain of salt for the foilers that sometimes appear in these releases:


"Stranger in a Strange Land" - A power play ensues between Jack and "The Others" as Juliet's future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Kate, Sawyer and Karl continue on their journey away from "Alcatraz," on "Lost," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.


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