Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost Spoilers: One Last Stranger Spoiler / Lost Ratings News

I came across this interesting last Lost Spoilers tidbit on

Question: Got anything on tonight's Lost?— Don
Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Kate and Sawyer are going to get rid of some, ahem, excess baggage on their way back "home."

They are implying Karl doesn't make it back with Kate & Sawyer, and may die. I hope he lives, because I like the character, and Alex loves him. Maybe he goes berserk on Kate and Sawyer about "Jacob" and it was self-preservation. We'll see soon enough.

On the Lost ratings controversy, I posted my views in the Lost ratings thread. Briefly, the broohaha over the low Valentine's Day ratings last week is based on an interpretation of ratings data by an AP reporter, likely incorrect. As with a lot of feeding frenzies, they tend to die out when countervailing data comes in. That will happen on Thursday when Neilson releases its preliminary ratings report. I will discuss those numbers and what they mean for Lost when they come out. Rest assured, Lost will return for Season 4 and 5 - unless the producers decide to do movies instead of TV.

Update: The preliminary numbers are in and ABC Lost went from a rating share of 12 on Feb. 14 to a 13 share on Feb. 21. This is a j0ump of 8-9%, even more impressive from the fact it came on one of the weaker episodes of Lost. Will we see 5000 articles reporting the ratings bump? Let's see. Probably not because it will not validate the media frenzy. If ABC moves Lost back to 8 pm expect even a bigger jump.

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