Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Left Behind, Season 3, Episode 15

It feels like the Lost season is just getting down to business now. We are seeing the benefits of the rewrites and re-direction that took place last Fall, as the episodes go back to the classic Lost forumula of dishing intelligent mystery and character development.

This is the Lost Spoilers Blog spoilers entry for "Left Behind", Lost Season 3, Episode 15, from ABC TV.

Wasn't the line inserted into Expose' pretty funny, the one about Kate's two boyfriends? Juliet taunts Kate about that in Left behind, that Kate broke Jack's heart, and that is why he told her to never come back for him. He did not want to have to deal with all the Kate drama. So what does she do? Well of course, she went back for him because Jack is her true love, even if Sawyer is fun for her fling. Poor Sawyer alone on the beach. Rebound anyone?

The preview spoilers clip for Left behind focuses on that Juliet-Kate interaction and the ensuing fist fight:

Left Behind is a Kate flashback episode. The official spoilers press release from ABC gives the usual cryptic spoilers hints:

After discovering that one of her own has betrayed her to "The Others," Kate is left to fend for herself in the jungle with Juliet. Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer to change his selfish ways and make amends with his fellow survivors or he may face a vote of banishment.

The spoiler is that Sawyer will not be banished. No fear dude. However, given how hopeless the beach Losties are, would banishment be all that bad?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Exposé Lost Spoilers

Here are some more Lost spoilers and hints on the Exposé episode. Lost spoilers ahead...stop reading as usual if you do not want to know the future of Lost. ... this is the Lost spoilers blog after all :-).

Losties around the globe will rejoice about this episode. It is not just that Nikki (who's Nikki? - Sawyer) and Paulo ("the Wolfgang Puck from Brazil" - Howard Zuckerman, R.i.P.) are dead and buried. Well at least one. You'll see what I mean.

Nikki with hardly a scratch or nick after Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.

This episode will have lots of flashbacks and not-so-coincidences in the Lost fashion that the Lost spoilers blog readers love. We'll see Ben and Juliet in the hatch just before Locke and company. We'll also learn all about why Paulo was so eager to go to the bathroom earlier this season. The producers made such a grand issue out of it,there had to be more meaning. Nikki and Paulo have a falling out over their stolen diamonds, and basically kill each other with the help of mother nature, or is it Mother Island?

And for the diminishing skate-rs and resurgent jaters, nothing new. But Sawyer does have a runaround, or is it run - in with Nikki, Lost's newest hearbreaker.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Exposé Lost Spoilers, Season 3, Episode 14

Team Lost Spoilers Blog has returned from its global journey. We'll be tivo-ing last Wednesday and then tune in for the Lost Spoilers Blog spoilers exposé on Exposé :). It's a Paulo and Nikki episode. We learn all about who in the world they are. In the Lost universe everyone is dying to know that ... not.

Last week Jack spurned Kate's advances but did leave hope alive of course. In Exposé do not expect new developments on whether Jack takes back Kate or she hast to go for a rebound fling with Sawyer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lost Spoilers: The Man From Tallahassee, Episode 13, Season 3

The upcoming episode of Lost is "The Man From Tallahassee" and this is the Contender's Lost Spoilers blog for this episode - Season 3, Episode 13 of Lost on ABC. If Par Avion was the set up, The Man From Tallahassee is the pay-off. Stop reading now ...... if you do not want to know what is coming up on Lost ........ Oh, also some Par Avion and Season 2 mixed in...

Think John Locke, think back story. Yes, we find out about how Locke wound up paralyzed and see him fit his wheelchair. Kate continues her journey to rescue Jack. She finally makes it to Othersville the suburban enclave of the Others in Par Avion, and she finds another other. Readers of this Lost Spoilers blog have known for weeks now, she is stunned at what she sees when she finally finds her love Jack. If anyone still is interested, no Kate-Sawyer - still in splittsville, not othersville.

Hey Contender, what about Par Avion? The episode is summarized in the Lost spoilers blog article here and the Par Avion spoilers follow-up here. We received confirmation at last that Claire is Jack's half-sister, related through dear old dad, Dr. Christian Shephard. This surprise was hinted at in Lost season 2, the Ana-Lucia flashback in "Two for the Road". Remember that one? It featured Ana-Lucia's adult interaction with Sawyer, Kate's love, besides her other other one Jack. In the Lost Spoilers Blog flashback, here is an old promo for "Two for the Road", now a pivotal episode of Lost history:

Nice perspective on the "romance" of Season 3.

Ok, back to Par Avion, Patchy (Mikhail) tells the Kate-led Jack rescue party that the security barrier is broken. All-knowing Locke decides to test that, with Patchy. Poor Patchy. R.I.P.

And finally, back to the Man From Tallahassee Lost spoilers. The Locke flashback will reveal the circumstances surrounding his paralysis. We see an hospital nurse orderly assist him into the wheelchair, only to be liberated by the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on the Lost Island. The promos are already up on the web, and here they are. Our friend Doc Arzt was on top of this.

The Canadian promo is pretty interesting. Kate finally makes it to Jack, and is stunned to see him now another Other, and a collaborator in her interrogation. He told her not to come for him - and meant it. As for all knowing Locke, he's in search of another computer to play with... not really... he learned all about the submarine and is determined to get it. Ben, still recovering from Jack's surgery is cornered, gun to head.

The USA promo hypes the John Locke story aspects:

This one will be a roller coaster.

As usual ABC TV has its Lost Spoilers press release with intriguing hints for The Man From Tallahassee. Here are the official ABC spoilers:

"The Man from Tallahassee" - Ben tries to persuade a determined Locke to call off his destructive plan by offering him some of the secrets of the island, and Kate's reunion with Jack does not go off as planned when she discovers that he has made a deal with "The Others," on "Lost," ... on the ABC Television Network.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Par Avion Lost Spoilers Videos

We posted the Lost Spoilers summary for Par Avion, Air Mail, a few days ago, and this is an update on it.

As usual, stop reading now if you don't want to know the future of the Lost TV series, or are just a spoil[er]sport ;) Ohhh alright spoil[er]sports always welcome at the Lost Spoilers blog too.

Now, without further to do, the first is a spoilers spot on the Kate-Locke-Sayid-Rousseau-Patchy 40 mile trek across the island. Patchy is playing the mind games with the Losties, as usual. Kate is on to him though, but becomes unsettled when Patchy (Mikhail) drops two not-so-big reveals. One is that Ben is not the "one" the big inspirational "great" founder of the Others. Everyone reading this Lost Spoilers blog of course knew that spoiler weeks ago, but of course Ben still is the on-site leader, with power to pardon. The other is that Kate is not on the list, nor Sayid, nor Locke.

This is the spoilers clue that Patchy is a liar, since actually Kate was on the list and that is why the Others went to great lengths to capture her. Of course Rousseau the all knowing says Patchy is a liar, just like Ben. Then we see at the end of the clip, Patchy's line to Locke. Patchy knew Locke pre-island... Patchy says that Locke "was a pa..." He does not complete the line, but here at the Lost Spoilers blog we can, Lock "was a paraplegic". Here is the TV spot, and Kudos for ABC realeasing such a well-edited tidbit:

Two sneak peaks also are up on Access

The first A.H. Lost Spoilers clip, Claire reveals her Par Avion, air bird mail, rescue plan. She recruits Jin, Sun and Charlie to help. And, it does not sound as hare brained ... um bird brained as you may believe. Of course Desmond is around to rain on the parade. Desmond repeatedly has said it is hopeless to try to escape to the outside world. Click through to Access Hollywood Lost Spoilers Clip 1 here.

The second A.H. clip is back on the beach, with Claire and Charlie set for a romantic breakfast of yummy Dharma cereal. Desmond crashes the party with his gun, and is quite unwelcome by Charlie. Desmond invites Charlie to go hunting, but Charlie has made other plans. However, Desmond is insistent, implying another "accident" is coming Charlie's way unless he goes along. Then, all of a sudden, it hits Claire - bird mail. Click through to Access Hollywood Lost Spoilers clip 2.

Meanwhile if anyone cares any longer, Kate continues on her journey to rescue Jack her love. She will catch up to Jack soon, not now, and what she finds will be a blowout. Sawyer, continues his no-white-picket-fence singlehood waiting for his next, um emotionally meaningful, encounter of an adult nature. It will come, after all, this is Lost Season 3, the ratings deprived relationship season.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 12, "Par Avion"

This is the Lost Spoilers blog for "Par Avion", Lost Season 3, Episode 12, on ABC TV. Lost Spoilers revelations are winging their way to you, by air mail, read on.

Claire Lost Spoilers: This episode focuses on Lost's other sex symbol Claire - honoring moms everywhere. Claire and Sun tend to baby Aaron in the beach camp, as shown in the promo photo.

Claire Flashback Lost Spoilers: The flashback explores Claire's teen years as a goth princes sporting pitch black hair as a 17 year old. Is that another Lost number? Well yes, but not terribly significant.



Claire hatches a plan to communicate with the outside world using birds. She thinks it through completely and concludes you can communicate outside by strapping messages to two aves, and releasing them to find their way to civilization, "Par Avion", by Air Mail, get it? In a lot of the world Air mail envelopes are stamped "Par Avion", hence the great title, lick the stamp, seal the envelope and give to the delivery ... bird, "Par Avion".

Birds are fast

Back on the beach, Desmond is incredulous, with gun.

Jack and Claire Lost Spoilers: The spoilers ABC has been hinting at for months, Dr. Christian Shephard, Jack's dad, is cast for the flashback. If this is a Claire flashback, then why Jack's Dad? We finally learn whether Claire really is Jack's half sister. The whispers in our ear say, yes.

Kate, Rousseau, Patchy (Mikhail), Locke, Sayid Lost Spoilers: The KRPLS crew still are on their 40 mile adventure to Othersville, the cult-like subdivision where the Others live. Kate is determined to get there and find Jack her love. As seen in the previews, they go smack up against an awesome security barrier, that looks like Easter Island monuments standing against a vicious intruder. They do get through, although Patchy is quite effective in warning the other Others. Poor Patchy.

While with the search party, Patchy plays mind games on the Losties, like Ben did when he was their captive. In the Canadian promo, Patchy claims a connection with Locke:

For all those looking for ratings relief, still no Sawyer-Kate in site. But, have fear the relationship tension dance will continue.

ABC TV has issued its usual Lost Spoilers press release with the intriguing hints for which they have become renowned. Here are the official ABC spoilers:

"Par Avion" - Claire becomes suspicious of Charlie when he exhibits peculiar behavior after she comes up with an idea that could get everybody rescued. Meanwhile, tensions mount between Sayid and Locke as they continue their trek to rescue Jack, on "Lost," ... on the ABC Television Network.

Sayid is wondering why Locke blew the Flame hatch. Hmmmm. Claire has birds on her mind.

Guest starring are John Terry as Christian Shephard, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Lindsey, Julian Barnes as Dr. Woodruff, Rhett Biles as Officer Barnes, Danan Pere as ER doctor, Anne Elizabeth Logan as head nurse and John Medlen as man at crash site.
The return of Dr. Christian Shephard.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lost Spoilers Clues: "Enter 77", Season 3, Episode 11

This is the Lost Spoilers and clues for Enter 77, Lost Season 3, Episode 10 on ABC TV. This episode was written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof and they did not disappoint.

Sawyer, lost no more

In a metaphor for his internal journey, yet again Sawyer gets defeated in a challenge. Lost the poker tournament to Jack and now Lost in the face of Hurley's rousing ping pong performance. After all, Hurley played a lot at the "Institute", er ... "place where I hung out" says Hugo. Sawyer knew he was Lost after the first volley.

The Kate - Sawyer Lost Spoilers for this week really are not spoilers - y if you are one of the thousands paying attention to this Lost Spoilers blog. Sawyer loves Kate and misses her a lot as she explores the island, and he minds the home front, collecting his stash. He lost the ping pong match but is discovering himself.

The best quote was in the Lost Episode 11, Enter 77 Lost Spoilers. Sawyer to Nikki and Paulo the hope from Brazil: "Who the hell are you?" Answers coming soon ... now three weeks, and counting.

Kate, on the path to enlightenment

Locke and Flame Station Lost spoilers - y clues: The eye-patch man was Mikhail Bukunin, a former Ukrainian soldier in the Soviet Union army fighting in Afghanistan. The historic Bakunin was a Russian anarchist living in the 1800 - like an old-style terrorist seeding doubt and destruction. True to his namesake, Patchy - Mikhail weaved a story of a "war" on the Lost island between the Dharma Initiative and the Hostiles, i.e. the Others. Patchy claimed to be the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative.

Locke the all seeing saw through all the clutter. Computers do not cheat as Mikhail (Patchy) the lying Other said, only humans have that unique ability. So, the chess game was the decryption key to getting access to the secrets of Dharma. Patchy can't play chess, so he never could beat the computer, maybe. In any event, he did not want Locke to get in. He did, and he found the code to enter was 77 if the hostiles, the Others, penetrated defenses and took over the Flame station. One thing Locke learned from the Hatch in Lost Season 2 ... Listen to the Dharma Computer ... press the button. So, Locke figured it out. Patchy and Ms. Klugh (mis-clue) were with the hostile Others ... they had taken over the Flame station... must Enter 77 as the computer and Dr. Marvin Candle requested. Kabooom. Station gone. Or.... if you don't want to learn the secrets yourself Enter 77 ... Complex Locke.

Translation of the Russian language conversation between Patchy and Ms. Klugh on LostPedia:

K: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do. M: We still have another way [out]. K: We cannot risk. You know the conditions. M: There is another way. K: They captured us. We will not give (or let, or betray) [unintelligible]. You know what to do. It is an order. M: We still have another way! K (in English): Just
do it, Mikhail. M: Forgive me. (shoots)

It seems there is another aspect of the Others other credo: When captured, commit suicide.

Sayid the Iraqi commando torturer Lost Spoilers: True to modern day political correctness, the Iraqi commando torturer has to be a complex and deep down sympathetic character, and Sayid toed the party line. The Flame station story paralleled his flashback. In the flashback the Iraqis were stereotypically torturing each other in an analogy to the complexities of real world Iraq. In the flashback, sympathetic Sayid is viewed as repentant, giving mercy to his captive Mikhail, while Frenchwoman Rousseau wants to kill rather than be killed. The Lost spoilers for next week are that Mikhail will follow the Others' brainwashing and take care of business for Rousseau.

What else did we learn? Spoilers, eggs, clues

Patchy and Ms. Klugh were expecting the Losties - as Locke had speculated the first time they saw Patchy on the monitor.

Sawyer misses Kate - splittsville not overville.

The Lost island is BIG - the Kate-Locke-Sayid-Rousseau expedition had been walking for two days. The Lost island is over 40 miles wide - not something that could easily be "Lost", unless it was cloaked, hidden or in another dimension of time and space - Lost Time.

The Creepy Cute Cat: Mikhail had a creepy pet cat named Nadia, after the famous Romanian gymnast. Same name as Sayid's long lost girlfriend. The cat (or another strikingly similar one) also appeared in the flashback as the torture victim's pet.

The Dharma Initiative: Very secret, very smart

The Dharma Initiative: "Would you like to save the world?" Recruiting tool.

The Flame Station: Broken down communication outpost. Beat the chess game and fix it. Enter 77 and initiate the self-destruct sequence if taken over by hostiles. Locke Enters 77.

Locke sees the camera: being watched, but by whom.

Others Took Two Cows: Twins?

Poor Sayid: Tortured by his past and his present, looking to make amends.

Dharma Manuals: Pallet drop instructions, operations manuals.

Flame computer: can arrange a pallet drop, uplink, communicate or self-destruct.

Lost ABC Ratings Spoilers: The preliminary data based on super top secret Lost Spoilers blog data is that the ratings for Lost on ABC rose for Enter 77. However, the Neilson prelim polling data showed a slight decline. What these data mean is the core group of Lost fans returned this week after last week's of decline among the core group, or alternatively the word really is getting around about this Lost spoilers blog and its leaping numbers are not correlating to the wider general audience trend. The theory floated within the inner circle that keeping Sawyer and Kate apart leads to higher ratings and core group interest is gaining data credibility. Under this working assumption, when they come together again, that will spark even greater interest. Another theory is it does not really matter one way or the other and the focus on the relationship this season is a drag on the story development - the general consensus.

More Enter 77 Lost Spoilers

Lost Enter 77 airs later today. Here are some Lost spoilers - y PR photos and hints about the episode:

Sayid and Sammi share a meal on Sayid's Paris restaurant flashback:

After a recovering from Patchy's non-lethal force, Sayid goes on the offensive:

Sayid and Kate explore the new Flame hatch station:

Appearances Lost Spoilers: Marvin Candle (star of the orientation videos) makes another appearance on screen. Also, Ms. Klugh (Mis-clue) and Danielle Rousseau, Alex's mom.

The Flame hatch station is a combination of a residence and farm where the eye-patch wearing Patchy is headquartered. His home. He will weave a lot of revelations in Enter 77 so fasten your seatbelt. It may be misinformation. However, what he will shed light on is the interconnections of the Hanso Foundation, Dharma and the Others. According to, Patchy is the last remaining survivor of the Dharma Initiative. That means it went bad.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Enter 77, Season 3, Episode 11

This is the Contender's Lost Spoilers for "Enter 77", Lost Episode 11, Season 3. In this episode's spoilers, a new Lost number, 77 enters. That makes it "Enter 77". Great title, checkmate.

This Lost episode has a Sayid flashback, and also focuses on his commando raid on Patchy's domain on the Lost island. Patchy is the resident of the Dharma Flame hatch, with an eye patch. We also know from past episodes that Sayid was in Paris. In this episode what he did there is revealed. We will meet an Iraqi couple living in Paris named Sammi and Farrah.

Sayid, Patchy Lost Spoilers: Patchy is the man who Locke (and Paulo the hope from Brazil played by Rodrigo Santoro) saw on the video feed. Patchy turns out to live alone in an isolated house, with his pet cow. Sayid gives his gun to Kate so she can cover him, while Sayid approaches Patchy unarmed. Being unarmed is to be unthreatening. Of course that is the best possible plan to seem unthreatening, since there isn't a small unthreatening sweet girl like ... uh Kate to send in. So instead they send in the unthreatening Iraqi Commando torturer Sayid, and what happens? Surprise! The big Lost spoilers are, well Patchy does feel threatened. So he shoots Sayid. Then Locke and Kate close in and rescue the nice torturer Sayid from him. Here is a video sneak peak on this scene:

Some of the spoilers for this episode involve the Others. In the aftermath of the commando raid, we start to learn a bit about the Others' purpose on the island, as Locke plays chess on the Flame hatch computer entering 77, might it be? There will be an Internet aspect to deciphering this episode, which will be introduced on Wednesday.

Sawyer Lost Spoilers: Sawyer is single and the old Sawyer back spoilers! He wants his stolen stash and he goes back into the barter business. He challenges the beach Losties to a game of ping pong to get it back from them. Here is a sneak peak of Sawyer having some fun with his friends Hurley, Charlie, Paulo, Nikki, Jin and Sun. In the funniest line, he says to Nikki (Kiele Sanchez) and Paulo, "who the hell are you?" A question a lot of people are asking. Wait 3 more episodes to find out.

ABC has its usual official Lost spoilers press release on this episode. This one is pretty vague, and short.


Patchy's house and the Flame hatch. Interestingly, the ball is a practice golf ball, not a ping-pong ball.

Eiffel Tower Image from Wikipeia

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Lost Spoilers Central - Have Faith

This will be the first and last time I post on what really goes on behind the scenes at Contender’s Lost Spoilers Blog central… until the next time of course!

After every spoilers post we (you, me and everyone else participating here) get hundreds of comments oh maybe one or two sometimes, that basically say, how in the world did you find out that spoiler? … come on tell me please please please. … it cannot be true… Although we greatly enjoy receiving them, we rarely publish each one since the computer keyboard keys are getting worn out. The answer is the same every time … Hehehe just wait and see … just read what we wrote … or, wanna get someone fired?

(The editor)

The fact is we get literally thousands of reads on each article and cannot begin to say how grateful we are for how huge and energized the Lost TV show community is. And we know for a fact ABC is too despite whatever inaccurate article du jour hits the wires on ratings.

Rest assured each and every one of the Lost spoilers is completely usually 100% verified by our vast real or non-existent network …lol. Let’s not get too worried after all we all are having fun, that is what real Lost spoilers are about. Just look at the track record … pretty darn good. So if you have any doubts in Contender, start having some faith :) we love you too.

Nothing stirred up the dust like the Lost spoilers we posted months ago on the fact that Kate and Sawyer were breaking up. For those of you who do not know, there are bulletin board websites devoted to discussing nuances of the Kate-Sawyer relationship, sometimes called Skate or Skater boards. There also are boards on Kate-Jack (it’s on), Jack-Juliet (it’s on), Desmond-Penny and so on. Nothing pissed off the skaters more than when we broke the spoiler on the Kate-Sawyer splitsville.

Now that that Lost spoiler finally was broadcast in Episode 10 “Tricia Tanaka is Dead" of course, every fair-minded skeptic realizes … have faith in Contender!

Going away for a couple of days so adios, au revoir, shalom, and c u soon!