Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lost Spoilers: The Man From Tallahassee, Episode 13, Season 3

The upcoming episode of Lost is "The Man From Tallahassee" and this is the Contender's Lost Spoilers blog for this episode - Season 3, Episode 13 of Lost on ABC. If Par Avion was the set up, The Man From Tallahassee is the pay-off. Stop reading now ...... if you do not want to know what is coming up on Lost ........ Oh, also some Par Avion and Season 2 mixed in...

Think John Locke, think back story. Yes, we find out about how Locke wound up paralyzed and see him fit his wheelchair. Kate continues her journey to rescue Jack. She finally makes it to Othersville the suburban enclave of the Others in Par Avion, and she finds another other. Readers of this Lost Spoilers blog have known for weeks now, she is stunned at what she sees when she finally finds her love Jack. If anyone still is interested, no Kate-Sawyer - still in splittsville, not othersville.

Hey Contender, what about Par Avion? The episode is summarized in the Lost spoilers blog article here and the Par Avion spoilers follow-up here. We received confirmation at last that Claire is Jack's half-sister, related through dear old dad, Dr. Christian Shephard. This surprise was hinted at in Lost season 2, the Ana-Lucia flashback in "Two for the Road". Remember that one? It featured Ana-Lucia's adult interaction with Sawyer, Kate's love, besides her other other one Jack. In the Lost Spoilers Blog flashback, here is an old promo for "Two for the Road", now a pivotal episode of Lost history:

Nice perspective on the "romance" of Season 3.

Ok, back to Par Avion, Patchy (Mikhail) tells the Kate-led Jack rescue party that the security barrier is broken. All-knowing Locke decides to test that, with Patchy. Poor Patchy. R.I.P.

And finally, back to the Man From Tallahassee Lost spoilers. The Locke flashback will reveal the circumstances surrounding his paralysis. We see an hospital nurse orderly assist him into the wheelchair, only to be liberated by the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on the Lost Island. The promos are already up on the web, and here they are. Our friend Doc Arzt was on top of this.

The Canadian promo is pretty interesting. Kate finally makes it to Jack, and is stunned to see him now another Other, and a collaborator in her interrogation. He told her not to come for him - and meant it. As for all knowing Locke, he's in search of another computer to play with... not really... he learned all about the submarine and is determined to get it. Ben, still recovering from Jack's surgery is cornered, gun to head.

The USA promo hypes the John Locke story aspects:

This one will be a roller coaster.

As usual ABC TV has its Lost Spoilers press release with intriguing hints for The Man From Tallahassee. Here are the official ABC spoilers:

"The Man from Tallahassee" - Ben tries to persuade a determined Locke to call off his destructive plan by offering him some of the secrets of the island, and Kate's reunion with Jack does not go off as planned when she discovers that he has made a deal with "The Others," on "Lost," ... on the ABC Television Network.