Monday, March 5, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Enter 77, Season 3, Episode 11

This is the Contender's Lost Spoilers for "Enter 77", Lost Episode 11, Season 3. In this episode's spoilers, a new Lost number, 77 enters. That makes it "Enter 77". Great title, checkmate.

This Lost episode has a Sayid flashback, and also focuses on his commando raid on Patchy's domain on the Lost island. Patchy is the resident of the Dharma Flame hatch, with an eye patch. We also know from past episodes that Sayid was in Paris. In this episode what he did there is revealed. We will meet an Iraqi couple living in Paris named Sammi and Farrah.

Sayid, Patchy Lost Spoilers: Patchy is the man who Locke (and Paulo the hope from Brazil played by Rodrigo Santoro) saw on the video feed. Patchy turns out to live alone in an isolated house, with his pet cow. Sayid gives his gun to Kate so she can cover him, while Sayid approaches Patchy unarmed. Being unarmed is to be unthreatening. Of course that is the best possible plan to seem unthreatening, since there isn't a small unthreatening sweet girl like ... uh Kate to send in. So instead they send in the unthreatening Iraqi Commando torturer Sayid, and what happens? Surprise! The big Lost spoilers are, well Patchy does feel threatened. So he shoots Sayid. Then Locke and Kate close in and rescue the nice torturer Sayid from him. Here is a video sneak peak on this scene:

Some of the spoilers for this episode involve the Others. In the aftermath of the commando raid, we start to learn a bit about the Others' purpose on the island, as Locke plays chess on the Flame hatch computer entering 77, might it be? There will be an Internet aspect to deciphering this episode, which will be introduced on Wednesday.

Sawyer Lost Spoilers: Sawyer is single and the old Sawyer back spoilers! He wants his stolen stash and he goes back into the barter business. He challenges the beach Losties to a game of ping pong to get it back from them. Here is a sneak peak of Sawyer having some fun with his friends Hurley, Charlie, Paulo, Nikki, Jin and Sun. In the funniest line, he says to Nikki (Kiele Sanchez) and Paulo, "who the hell are you?" A question a lot of people are asking. Wait 3 more episodes to find out.

ABC has its usual official Lost spoilers press release on this episode. This one is pretty vague, and short.


Patchy's house and the Flame hatch. Interestingly, the ball is a practice golf ball, not a ping-pong ball.

Eiffel Tower Image from Wikipeia


Lost Fan said...

First! I found the biggest spoiler in the videos. The ball actually looks like a practice golf ball, not a ping-pong ball! Is Rodrigo giving up his practice golf ball stash! :)

So glad they are moving away from the boring Sawyer-Kate romance. Contender can you confirm it really is over? Please say YES YES. It was killing Lost, and single-handedly was making the ratings go down into the sewer this season.

A said...

Hey LF, sorry sorry the answer is NO NO. The Lost writers are going to keep the romantic tension going on for a long time. A lot of people agree with you LF that the focus on the Kate-Sawyer romance has contributed to the ratings decline. Although a lot of articles say most Lost fans were alienated by the romance being drawn out too much, the better explanation for the ratings decline is just Lost scheduling, including the hiatus losing momentum and the move to 10 pm, a generally slower time slot. There has been a lot of misinterpretation of the ratings, and I might post some more on what they really mean. But personally I'm more interested in having fun with the Lost TV show rather than worrying about what some misguided articles are saying.

A said...

Oh, one more thing. Good spoilers LF!;)

Fair Weather said...

I know someone who knows someone who knows Carlton and she says that Kate and Sawyer are over because of the bad ratings for the episodes that focused on them. Can you confirm that Contender? Please confirm it even if it's just a rumor.

A said...

Hey Fair Weather, Wow, you are the thousandth person who knows Carlton and Damon! You are correct that there has been a lot of grousing in the Lost community and in the comments to Contender's Lost Spoilers, about the focus on Sawyer and Kate hammering the ratings. We like you and a hundreds of Carlton and Damon's best friends also have been analyzing it. But sorry, we here at Contender Lost Spoilers are not going to confirm your theory, even if it gets asked a hundred times... go ahead, try again :). As we have said before, despite all the netative press, Sawyer and Kate are destined to live on in the distant future ... As for Jack-Kate ... ;)

Janine said...

I think Fair Weather's theory, and he's a friend of the producers of the show, so he must know what he's talking about. Everyone ought to email and write in to them to show support for their plan to move away from the boring storylines, and get Sawyer back to being the rabble rouser everyone loves.