Friday, March 2, 2007

Lost Spoilers Central - Have Faith

This will be the first and last time I post on what really goes on behind the scenes at Contender’s Lost Spoilers Blog central… until the next time of course!

After every spoilers post we (you, me and everyone else participating here) get hundreds of comments oh maybe one or two sometimes, that basically say, how in the world did you find out that spoiler? … come on tell me please please please. … it cannot be true… Although we greatly enjoy receiving them, we rarely publish each one since the computer keyboard keys are getting worn out. The answer is the same every time … Hehehe just wait and see … just read what we wrote … or, wanna get someone fired?

(The editor)

The fact is we get literally thousands of reads on each article and cannot begin to say how grateful we are for how huge and energized the Lost TV show community is. And we know for a fact ABC is too despite whatever inaccurate article du jour hits the wires on ratings.

Rest assured each and every one of the Lost spoilers is completely usually 100% verified by our vast real or non-existent network …lol. Let’s not get too worried after all we all are having fun, that is what real Lost spoilers are about. Just look at the track record … pretty darn good. So if you have any doubts in Contender, start having some faith :) we love you too.

Nothing stirred up the dust like the Lost spoilers we posted months ago on the fact that Kate and Sawyer were breaking up. For those of you who do not know, there are bulletin board websites devoted to discussing nuances of the Kate-Sawyer relationship, sometimes called Skate or Skater boards. There also are boards on Kate-Jack (it’s on), Jack-Juliet (it’s on), Desmond-Penny and so on. Nothing pissed off the skaters more than when we broke the spoiler on the Kate-Sawyer splitsville.

Now that that Lost spoiler finally was broadcast in Episode 10 “Tricia Tanaka is Dead" of course, every fair-minded skeptic realizes … have faith in Contender!

Going away for a couple of days so adios, au revoir, shalom, and c u soon!


razza said...

what do you mean by there are boards for Kate-Jack (it's on) & Jack-Juliet (it's on)?
I'm confused!
By the way Skate are so not over!

Lost Fan said...

I disagree with you Razza. It is obviously clear from Tricia Tanaka is Dead that Kate loves only Jack, is leaving Sawyer to go and rescue him from the Others village. When she gets there she will find she is too late and Juliet has him now. Poor Kate. Sawyer refused to appologize because he decided he wants to be single. He may still have feelings for Kate, but the relationship is finished.

I was reading Contender to be saying clearly in his articles on this subject that Kate and Sawyer will still be together. So I don't get why you are all worked up Razza? Since Contender is agreeing with you not me. But maybe he means they will only have a physical relationship but the emotional one is over.

Nicolas said...

Lost Fan - She ONLY loves Jack? Does owing someone equal romantic love? Don't think so. And what of her sad looks and her begging for him to put his barriers down for her? What was she doing that for, if not out of her love for Sawyer? But it's always amusing to see bias influence one's interpretation and completely contradict onscreen evidence.

Contender, I don't remember you predicting a break up, per se, just a break. And you just spoiled that Sawyer will in fact 'cowboy up and say sorry'. So it's clear they're not over at all. As D&C said, "not by a long shot". Spoilerfix also spoiled that they will reconcile and Kristin has the scoop that more sex is coming up. So Skate fans have no worries.

Janine said...

Oh come on! How can anyone be serious in saying Sawyer and Kate are not over like Razza is saying. Lost Fan you are correct. Sawyer refused to apologize since he wants her to go. It's over. At least for now. Contender says they will be back together, but I hope not. I want to see something interesting like Sawyer-Claire or Jack-Kate.

Lost Fan said...

Nicolas got it all wrong again. It is clear that Sawyer and Kate are completely over for now. Even if they have sex sometime in the next two years, it will not be anytime soon. As for the alleged spoiler that Nicolas says is from Kristin, nobody will believe it until Contender verifies it in this blog, and I read the articles and Contender has not verified it. And, frankly, I don't care if there is sex since that does not mean Sawyer wants her, just that he wants somethg from her ;)

Janine said...

I can't believe some people like Nicolas just keep hanging on to the Kate Sawyer thread. He is spreading a rumor that they have sex based on some vague statement by someone called Kristina. Ridiculous! That vague statement could refer to something in Season 4 or 5 of lost. Lol big deal. I haven't seen that Contender has verified it. That's probably because it's wrong, or because it is so vague and without an episode reference it is not even worth anyone talking about.

I think Juliet-Jack could be really interesting.