Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More Enter 77 Lost Spoilers

Lost Enter 77 airs later today. Here are some Lost spoilers - y PR photos and hints about the episode:

Sayid and Sammi share a meal on Sayid's Paris restaurant flashback:

After a recovering from Patchy's non-lethal force, Sayid goes on the offensive:

Sayid and Kate explore the new Flame hatch station:

Appearances Lost Spoilers: Marvin Candle (star of the orientation videos) makes another appearance on screen. Also, Ms. Klugh (Mis-clue) and Danielle Rousseau, Alex's mom.

The Flame hatch station is a combination of a residence and farm where the eye-patch wearing Patchy is headquartered. His home. He will weave a lot of revelations in Enter 77 so fasten your seatbelt. It may be misinformation. However, what he will shed light on is the interconnections of the Hanso Foundation, Dharma and the Others. According to, Patchy is the last remaining survivor of the Dharma Initiative. That means it went bad.

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