Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost Spoilers Blog: "The Cost of Living", Season 3 - Episode 5 of Lost

Usual Warning: If you want to remain in suspense until the broadcast, stop reading now...

These are the pre-broadcast spoilers for Season 3, Episode 5 of Lost on ABC TV in the USA. The Clues blog on this episode is here: Lost Clues Blog, and will be updated after the broadcast.

Ok, another brilliant Lost plan will be implemented by the beach Losties in order to rescue Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Yep, they will go after computer power to assist. So, it's time to go, and go hunting for a hatch computer. The computer has got to lead them to greater knowledge.

Back at the Other’s zoo, on the Other's other island, Jack keeps working his psychological warfare angle from the the fish tank. Another way of looking at his strategy is "turn Julliette" - in case Kate takes Sawyer. It is hard to determine who is playing whom.

The flashback will focus on Mr. Eko’s backstory. From Spoilerfix the episode features Nigerian woman named Amadi who is intuitive and strong and has a son, a violent warlord named Azi, and a sweet altar boy named Daniel.

The title of this episode says it all. – the cost of living. And they are not referring to economic statistics! This is the price you pay to stay alive, or else you die. Indeed, the big rumor this week is that one of our favorite characters dies. That’s right Mr. Eko. I have to tell you I am pretty skeptical about this rumor and my misdirection radar is beeping away on it. The “official” rumor leaked out through TV Guide - who usually gets it right when it comes to Lost - is:

“Next week, a major character (as in a series regular) whose name is not Sawyer will join Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia and Libby in the big island in the sky. And you're not going to believe who it is. I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes”

The whispered rumor connected to this PR hype is that it is Mr. Eko who dies. Unfortunately the readers of this 100% accurate blog :) should bet this is a spoiler and one of the most loved Losties is a goner.

To the contrary, the flashback for this episode will be Mr. Eko’s. Why spend all the production dollars on someone you are firing? Ok I’m on the fence on this one, leaning to a bye bye Eko. As I said before, here, I would not want any inaccurate spoilers , so I may pull this one. For now it stays. We’ll see.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Spoilers Lost - Season 3, Episode 4 - Every Man For Himself

Standard Warning:

Spoilers Ahead on the future of Lost.
If you want to remain in suspense until the broadcast, stop reading now...

The Clues blog on this episode is at:, and will be updated after the broadcast.

Now it is back to prisoners and their jailers. Sawyer will take a lickin’, but keep on tickin', of course. Sawyer is the James Bond of Lost, so we can expect him to be a bit swollen, but he'll still be up for more. After all, he wants Kate, and must stay cool ... dude. Look for him to dish it out on Ben.

Back to Jack in the fish tank. However, don’t forget Benry’s offer at the end “The Glass Ballerina” - this season's second episode. Jack will have to consider that offer and give his answer. Look for him to try to evade it, but make a half-hearted show out of using his medical skills to help, but maybe his heart will not be in it.

[Update: However, there now is a rumor that an "Other" dies. Can Jack's skill cure the gunshot wound inflicted by Sun? We'll find out, but let's bet on "no".]

Alright Lost Spoilers hunters, there has been some false rumours out there on who will be featured in the flashback. It will either be Desmond’s prison backstory or Sawyer’s backstory. Let's bet on Sawyer for this one, my infallible sources say.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Spoilers From Pre-Broadcast of Lost Season 3, Episode 3, "Further Instructions"

Clues blog on this episode is here:, and was updated after the broadcast.

Fascinatingly ABC switch the broadcast date of this episode from second to third episode of the season. Just before the airing ABC delayed it a week - creating an unusual air of mystery about this episode.

If all the hype is to be believed, this episode focus back on the hatchlings, Desmond, Locke and Mr. Eko, FINALLY. What happened to them anyway? I know... They survived! With a few nicks and bruises to show for it. So, even though the hatch door blew clear to the beach, the guys inside are fine, don't worry about it. Whew!

There has been some misdirection out there on whether the flashback will be on Claire's backstory or Locke's backstory. Let's bet on Locke for this one, my sources say Very Happy .

Here is the "official" word from ABC's Medianet report. The creators have been known for misdirection before, so take this report -- and any spoiler Rolling Eyes -- for what it is:

"Ian Somerhalder guest stars as Boone" - Boone is back.

"The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch, while Hurley returns to the beach camp to tell the tale of what happened when he, Jack, Kate and Sawyer encountered "The Others."

"Meanwhile, Claire is shocked to find Nikki and Paulo in Jack's tent. ...

The guest stars are:

Kiele Sanchez as Nikki
Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo -- I heard Rodrigo will become a regular cast member.
Ian Somerhalder as Boone
Justin Chatwin as Eddie
Chris Mulkey as Mike
Virginia Morris as Jan
Joel Himelhoch as sheriff
Dion Donahue as Kim

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spoilers on "Glass Ballerina", Lost Season 3, Episode 2 Spoilers

Warning: Pre-Broadcast Spoilers on the future of Lost ahead.

As usual with Lost, there are a lot of spoiler rumours floating around. Count on the spoilers blogger to sort through them all and find the nuggets of complete accuracy ... or at least a semblance thereof :).

Here are a few of the rumours. I am posting them separately from my episode clues blog so people who do not want to read spoilers can avoid more easily. Click here to go back to the Clues Blog.

Ok. Sayid is determined to find the Others' camp and hunt down his lost Lost comrades. The Others spot his sailboat (also crewed by Jin and Sun) and Ben decides he wants to capture it. So, they plot and ambush Sayid. A gunfight ensues in which one of the Others is killed. Sayid does not pursue them deciding to go back to regroup with the other losties -- after a debate with Sun.

Ben aka Fake Henry makes a proposal to Jack, namely that Jack provide medical assistance and other Other assistance. Jack at this point is thoroughly beaten down but resists. Not known how ambiguous his refusal is portrayed.

This also could give us some insight into how The Others turned Michael into a robotized assassin. Previoiusly Michael was portrayed as a coward.

Ok those are the biggies. Let's wait 'till Wednesday and enjoy the show. Come back on Wednesday or Thursday for my show blog. I may blog real time, depending on how coherent my thoughts look when I type them out!