Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spoilers on "Glass Ballerina", Lost Season 3, Episode 2 Spoilers

Warning: Pre-Broadcast Spoilers on the future of Lost ahead.

As usual with Lost, there are a lot of spoiler rumours floating around. Count on the spoilers blogger to sort through them all and find the nuggets of complete accuracy ... or at least a semblance thereof :).

Here are a few of the rumours. I am posting them separately from my episode clues blog so people who do not want to read spoilers can avoid more easily. Click here to go back to the Clues Blog.

Ok. Sayid is determined to find the Others' camp and hunt down his lost Lost comrades. The Others spot his sailboat (also crewed by Jin and Sun) and Ben decides he wants to capture it. So, they plot and ambush Sayid. A gunfight ensues in which one of the Others is killed. Sayid does not pursue them deciding to go back to regroup with the other losties -- after a debate with Sun.

Ben aka Fake Henry makes a proposal to Jack, namely that Jack provide medical assistance and other Other assistance. Jack at this point is thoroughly beaten down but resists. Not known how ambiguous his refusal is portrayed.

This also could give us some insight into how The Others turned Michael into a robotized assassin. Previoiusly Michael was portrayed as a coward.

Ok those are the biggies. Let's wait 'till Wednesday and enjoy the show. Come back on Wednesday or Thursday for my show blog. I may blog real time, depending on how coherent my thoughts look when I type them out!

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