Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Par Avion Lost Spoilers Videos

We posted the Lost Spoilers summary for Par Avion, Air Mail, a few days ago, and this is an update on it.

As usual, stop reading now if you don't want to know the future of the Lost TV series, or are just a spoil[er]sport ;) Ohhh alright spoil[er]sports always welcome at the Lost Spoilers blog too.

Now, without further to do, the first is a spoilers spot on the Kate-Locke-Sayid-Rousseau-Patchy 40 mile trek across the island. Patchy is playing the mind games with the Losties, as usual. Kate is on to him though, but becomes unsettled when Patchy (Mikhail) drops two not-so-big reveals. One is that Ben is not the "one" the big inspirational "great" founder of the Others. Everyone reading this Lost Spoilers blog of course knew that spoiler weeks ago, but of course Ben still is the on-site leader, with power to pardon. The other is that Kate is not on the list, nor Sayid, nor Locke.

This is the spoilers clue that Patchy is a liar, since actually Kate was on the list and that is why the Others went to great lengths to capture her. Of course Rousseau the all knowing says Patchy is a liar, just like Ben. Then we see at the end of the clip, Patchy's line to Locke. Patchy knew Locke pre-island... Patchy says that Locke "was a pa..." He does not complete the line, but here at the Lost Spoilers blog we can, Lock "was a paraplegic". Here is the TV spot, and Kudos for ABC realeasing such a well-edited tidbit:

Two sneak peaks also are up on Access

The first A.H. Lost Spoilers clip, Claire reveals her Par Avion, air bird mail, rescue plan. She recruits Jin, Sun and Charlie to help. And, it does not sound as hare brained ... um bird brained as you may believe. Of course Desmond is around to rain on the parade. Desmond repeatedly has said it is hopeless to try to escape to the outside world. Click through to Access Hollywood Lost Spoilers Clip 1 here.

The second A.H. clip is back on the beach, with Claire and Charlie set for a romantic breakfast of yummy Dharma cereal. Desmond crashes the party with his gun, and is quite unwelcome by Charlie. Desmond invites Charlie to go hunting, but Charlie has made other plans. However, Desmond is insistent, implying another "accident" is coming Charlie's way unless he goes along. Then, all of a sudden, it hits Claire - bird mail. Click through to Access Hollywood Lost Spoilers clip 2.

Meanwhile if anyone cares any longer, Kate continues on her journey to rescue Jack her love. She will catch up to Jack soon, not now, and what she finds will be a blowout. Sawyer, continues his no-white-picket-fence singlehood waiting for his next, um emotionally meaningful, encounter of an adult nature. It will come, after all, this is Lost Season 3, the ratings deprived relationship season.

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