Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lost Spoilers Clues: "Enter 77", Season 3, Episode 11

This is the Lost Spoilers and clues for Enter 77, Lost Season 3, Episode 10 on ABC TV. This episode was written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof and they did not disappoint.

Sawyer, lost no more

In a metaphor for his internal journey, yet again Sawyer gets defeated in a challenge. Lost the poker tournament to Jack and now Lost in the face of Hurley's rousing ping pong performance. After all, Hurley played a lot at the "Institute", er ... "place where I hung out" says Hugo. Sawyer knew he was Lost after the first volley.

The Kate - Sawyer Lost Spoilers for this week really are not spoilers - y if you are one of the thousands paying attention to this Lost Spoilers blog. Sawyer loves Kate and misses her a lot as she explores the island, and he minds the home front, collecting his stash. He lost the ping pong match but is discovering himself.

The best quote was in the Lost Episode 11, Enter 77 Lost Spoilers. Sawyer to Nikki and Paulo the hope from Brazil: "Who the hell are you?" Answers coming soon ... now three weeks, and counting.

Kate, on the path to enlightenment

Locke and Flame Station Lost spoilers - y clues: The eye-patch man was Mikhail Bukunin, a former Ukrainian soldier in the Soviet Union army fighting in Afghanistan. The historic Bakunin was a Russian anarchist living in the 1800 - like an old-style terrorist seeding doubt and destruction. True to his namesake, Patchy - Mikhail weaved a story of a "war" on the Lost island between the Dharma Initiative and the Hostiles, i.e. the Others. Patchy claimed to be the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative.

Locke the all seeing saw through all the clutter. Computers do not cheat as Mikhail (Patchy) the lying Other said, only humans have that unique ability. So, the chess game was the decryption key to getting access to the secrets of Dharma. Patchy can't play chess, so he never could beat the computer, maybe. In any event, he did not want Locke to get in. He did, and he found the code to enter was 77 if the hostiles, the Others, penetrated defenses and took over the Flame station. One thing Locke learned from the Hatch in Lost Season 2 ... Listen to the Dharma Computer ... press the button. So, Locke figured it out. Patchy and Ms. Klugh (mis-clue) were with the hostile Others ... they had taken over the Flame station... must Enter 77 as the computer and Dr. Marvin Candle requested. Kabooom. Station gone. Or.... if you don't want to learn the secrets yourself Enter 77 ... Complex Locke.

Translation of the Russian language conversation between Patchy and Ms. Klugh on LostPedia:

K: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do. M: We still have another way [out]. K: We cannot risk. You know the conditions. M: There is another way. K: They captured us. We will not give (or let, or betray) [unintelligible]. You know what to do. It is an order. M: We still have another way! K (in English): Just
do it, Mikhail. M: Forgive me. (shoots)

It seems there is another aspect of the Others other credo: When captured, commit suicide.

Sayid the Iraqi commando torturer Lost Spoilers: True to modern day political correctness, the Iraqi commando torturer has to be a complex and deep down sympathetic character, and Sayid toed the party line. The Flame station story paralleled his flashback. In the flashback the Iraqis were stereotypically torturing each other in an analogy to the complexities of real world Iraq. In the flashback, sympathetic Sayid is viewed as repentant, giving mercy to his captive Mikhail, while Frenchwoman Rousseau wants to kill rather than be killed. The Lost spoilers for next week are that Mikhail will follow the Others' brainwashing and take care of business for Rousseau.

What else did we learn? Spoilers, eggs, clues

Patchy and Ms. Klugh were expecting the Losties - as Locke had speculated the first time they saw Patchy on the monitor.

Sawyer misses Kate - splittsville not overville.

The Lost island is BIG - the Kate-Locke-Sayid-Rousseau expedition had been walking for two days. The Lost island is over 40 miles wide - not something that could easily be "Lost", unless it was cloaked, hidden or in another dimension of time and space - Lost Time.

The Creepy Cute Cat: Mikhail had a creepy pet cat named Nadia, after the famous Romanian gymnast. Same name as Sayid's long lost girlfriend. The cat (or another strikingly similar one) also appeared in the flashback as the torture victim's pet.

The Dharma Initiative: Very secret, very smart

The Dharma Initiative: "Would you like to save the world?" Recruiting tool.

The Flame Station: Broken down communication outpost. Beat the chess game and fix it. Enter 77 and initiate the self-destruct sequence if taken over by hostiles. Locke Enters 77.

Locke sees the camera: being watched, but by whom.

Others Took Two Cows: Twins?

Poor Sayid: Tortured by his past and his present, looking to make amends.

Dharma Manuals: Pallet drop instructions, operations manuals.

Flame computer: can arrange a pallet drop, uplink, communicate or self-destruct.

Lost ABC Ratings Spoilers: The preliminary data based on super top secret Lost Spoilers blog data is that the ratings for Lost on ABC rose for Enter 77. However, the Neilson prelim polling data showed a slight decline. What these data mean is the core group of Lost fans returned this week after last week's of decline among the core group, or alternatively the word really is getting around about this Lost spoilers blog and its leaping numbers are not correlating to the wider general audience trend. The theory floated within the inner circle that keeping Sawyer and Kate apart leads to higher ratings and core group interest is gaining data credibility. Under this working assumption, when they come together again, that will spark even greater interest. Another theory is it does not really matter one way or the other and the focus on the relationship this season is a drag on the story development - the general consensus.


Lost Fan said...

Great episode summary Contender! I am really confused about he eye patch guy. My thinking is he killed all the occupants of the Flame station and has been living there for 11 years. I really hope that they quit with the Sawyer - Kate relationship theme, except to have it in the background. It was so funny when Sawyer said to Paulo, who are you? Everyone is wondering about that and so much more interesting to have fun Sawyer in the house. I hope you are right that we find out in three weeks.

A said...

Hey LF, It is deliberately ambiguous how much of his story is fact v. fiction. On Kate-Sawyer ... uh.... Lol, keep trying, maybe I'll give you a different answer ;). Even if the overwhelming consensus may be exactly what you say, Kate-Sawyer keep going through Seasson 3 although going without the white picket, unless Ana Lucia is resurrected. Season 4 though remains an open question.

The Rock said...

Hey Contender

I agree great episode summary.

I am a huge Jack and Kate shipper. But I know that Sawyer and Kate will keep going through Season 3, as you have said. But please give me a little hope, even just a little, that I will see something good between Jack and Kate this season, and that all hope is not lost. Jealous Kate perhaps? I have heard several spoilers-y about more sex between Sawyer and Kate. Some are calling it 'Reunion Sex'. Can you give this poor Jack and Kate shipper a little boost of confidence and say yay or nay to the Sawyer and Kate sex? Thanks

A said...

Hey The Rock, You and a lot of people are Jack-Kate shippers. Have no fear some redemption will be near.

As for Sawyer-Kate and the rumor of "sex" ooooohhh. I confirm there is such a rumor floated by ABC, who never would engage in over-hype, ... or would they... and we are not not necessarily meaning Kate-Sawyer...

Everyone acknowledges one of the factors in the ratings decline this season is the "relationship" emphasis this season, meaning Kate-Sawyer. Already this season there have been two encounters of adult nature, at least, so since we are not even half way through, that could mean at least two more ;) Kate is on her way to Jack. But remember, Juliet is on the scene too, and what about her goals.

The Rock said...


When you say 'there has already been two encounters of adult nature this season'' are you specifically refering to Sawyer & Kate? Meaning their kiss in 'Glass Balernia' and the sex in 'I Do'? You seem to be hinting there will be at least two more 'encoutners of adult nature' between Sawyer & Kate this season. Or do you mean that overall there could be more 'encounters' with couples such as Jack & Juliet or Charlie & Claire?