Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lost Spoiler Clues and Hints From Not In Portland

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Major Lost Spoilers-age Ahead

This is a companion post to my blog at Lost Clues blog at You should go there to read my summary of the clues in this Lost episode. Here I will expand on the spoilers - y items, after all this is the Lost Spoilers blog.

The episode title "Not in Portland" was nicely tied to the theme that nothing is as it seems - in this Lost episode and in Lost in general.

Juliet was recruited under false pretenses to Mittelos Bioscience. Mittelos is an anagram for "Lost Time". Time can be lost, an interesting theory -- like when the sky turns purple. It will be interesting to see where the show goes with that.

Mittelos also reminds of Mittelwerk - he was the psychopath who usurped control of the Hanso Foundation for evil purposes in the Lost Experience game. Now Juliet's company is named for him.

Look for as the possible start of a new Lost web game. The site is up, but no content yet. Looks like such an obviously fake unofficial site that it may actually be real... time will tell.

Any doubt Dharma is evil? They committed murder to lure Juliet. She has to watch her loose expressions in the future.

Jack's love for Kate comes through and hers for him as she remembers his story. Sawyer sees the connection in Kate’s eyes and is understanding, but not thrilled. The spoiler is that Kate will continue to have a Jack connection and there will a cloud of sorrow over her relationship with Sawyer until Jack is returned.

As predicted a zillion times in the Lost spoilers, Alex, Danielle Rousseau’s daughter shows up just in time and saves Sawyer and Kate from the evil pursuing others. The spoiler is Alex will show up again as the Lostaways saving angel.

Kate may have had a ticket off the island, assuming Ben was truthful in his promise. Being Ben, probably he was lying, after all Ben is a liar. The spoilers will be that Juliet blew her ticket home by pulling the trigger and killing Pickett - if she ever really had that prospect.

A big spoiler is IF Ben is Alex's biological father, and Rousseau is her biological daughter, that explains why Ben was all alone in the jungle to be captured by Rousseau. He was visiting her in the jungle alone. She decided to capture him and turn him over to the Lostaways.

Maybe the biggest of the spoilers is that Desmond knows the problem with the Island or has clues to its affects. In Season 2 he returns in his boat, but reported huge resignation about what is going on outside and the impossibility of escape. This will be developed further in Season 3. Lost Time is a clue to a problem with time itself on the Island, like it was blown out of sync with the outside world by Desmond's failure to press the button. Desmond's own time clock is out of sync too, as he senses future events now. More on Desmond next week in Episode 8. Another clue was when Mr. Friendly implied that ever since the sky turned purple ...


HubbaBubba said...

Jack might love Kate, but she does not feel the same way. You should make it clear that by 'connection' you mean 'non romantic connection' because clearly that is all they have. The triangle is dead and not coming back. Don't let these connection clues fool you.

A said...

Hey Hubba, I agree that physically speaking Jack and Kate are on separate islands at least until Season 3, Ep. 9, so a physical relationship will not be possible. But after that I think they have a chance of getting physically closer, and believe there is a pretty good indication the writers want to keep the triangle simmering. Kate is a runner.

HubbaBubba said...

Well considering the writers will never have Jack and Kate ever have sex, then physically closer means nothing. At this point, we all know, you, me, everyone that Sawyer and Kate are 'it' on this show and will end up together, and this Jack and Kate connection, which by the way is nothing more than a non-romantic, non-sexual friendship/bond, will only serve as a plot device to keep Sawyer and Kate fresh and interesting, like you said in your Moonlighting/X-Files post. This isn't even a triangle anymore.

razza said...

Well I agree that Kate loves Jack in some sense of the word BUT I find it odd that you think her relationship with Sawyer will "suffer" just because Jack is not there!
Kate can "love" both of them BUT in different ways, IMO her love for Sawyer is more passionate & intense while her feelings for Jack are deep but she struggles that she can't love him with the passion she carries for Sawyer!
Jack will be used as a tool to create angst btw Kate & Sawyer bit in the end I feel that Sawyer is her true "soulmate"

razza said...

Hey Contender,having a hard time believing that Kate & Sawyer's relationship will "suffer" because Jack is not there!
Kate loves both men,agreed!
She loves Jack in an idolized respectful way that lacks passion!
She loves Sawyer in the passionately intense soulmate type of way!
She struggles because she wants to love Jack like that because he would be the "sensible" choice but is constantley drawn back to where her heart truly lies, with Sawyer!

iam4uk2000 said...

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Caillte said...

Contender, I'm not convinced you have any connection to the show, but here's your chance to show if you do or not. Tell us if the writers have any idea how much the triangle is killing this show right now. Almost everyone I know who watches or who used to watch despises it intensely. No one minds Kate with Sawyer, because it's entertaining, but they are starting to look at Kate as nothing but a hollow female sex object and they just don't want to have any more story time wasted on this GARBAGE. So, do the writers realize the triangle is killing them and if so, why don't they just let it die?

A said...

Hey Iam4, Thanks for the whois printout. Visted that site and they have content up now. Pretty cheesy fake, but to their credit they put a lot of programming work into making it look so fake - even the name and address :)

Hey Razza, nice points about the love triangle. I'm sure we have not seen the last of Jack.

Hey Caillte, Lol! I do agree that there have been some errors that are hurting the ratings as to moving around the schedule a lot. At this point it is looking like Lost will settle into a top 20 or 30 show, rather than top 10. Not meaning the creative quality has changed.

razza said...

Well I actually was not trying to imply that the Jack was still a part of the triangle in any way other than to cause Skate angst!
I do think Kate loves Jack just that it lacks the intensity with which she loves Sawyer therefore in the end her heart will always lead her back to Sawyer!
She can love both men just NOT in the same way, & her love for Jack is based on needing to be loved by the "good guy" in order to feel like her life has changed somehow for the better!
Her passionate love for Sawyer makes her feel alive but also she struggles because she thinks it pulls her back to the life she has been running from!

I still don't get your comments about the Skate relationship will "suffer" till Jack comes back!