Monday, February 5, 2007

Escape Spoilers - Desmond Spoilers

Lost Spoilers ahead ...

The two upcoming episodes of Lost now have a lot of spoilers floating around, some misdirection. Here are a couple of preview clips that show the flavor of what we can expect:

  • From Not In Portland, Lost Season 3, Episode 7 (this week!): More spoilers details on Kate / Sawyer escape - Juliet double crosses Jack and orders the Others to pursue Kate and Sawyer at all costs, even if that means dead or alive. Just when the unknown Other is about to extract his revenge, and unseen ally, likely Alex (jungle lady Rousseau's daughter) or Karl (Alex's boyfriend) lunges out from a hiding place and strikes down the would-be assassin:

  • From Lost Season 3, Episode 8, "Flashes Before Your Eyes": Desmond Rescues Claire spoiler clip - this is an extended version of a clip released a while back. Desmond mysteriously senses that Claire is in peril in the middle of Hurley's line, drops everything and runs to the beach evading the Dharma sharks and rescues an unconscious Lostaway. Charlie is a few steps behind.

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