Monday, February 26, 2007

Lost Spoilers: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", Season 3, Episode 10

Lost makes it to double-digits this week!

Here are the Lost spoilers for Lost Season 3, Episode 10, which has the mysterious title, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”. Think Hurley, think Hurley-centric, think skeleton key. No not skeleton key, skeleton is the key. Finally we can lay aside for a week hand wringing over whether to go back and save Jack (Kate eventually will round up the posse), or whether Sawyer and Kate let their true natures out … Warning there was misdirection in this paragraph, read to end.

No, here we go for some good old fun at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, with Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong fame guest starring as the Hurley flashback dad. The ABC marketing gurus have not missed, or should we say, Lost a step on this one as they have rolled out the humor for the spoilers teaser. Best performance by a polar bear: Lost, Best visuals ... Kate in a bikini, Best creepy guy ... evil Ben:

Hurley finds a car wreck on the Lost island, might that be the infamous VW van of Lost spoilers past? Say yes, yes, yes. Look for Sawyer, Jin and some Buds to share a bud. That’s the spoilers from Lost Moment 11 spoilers a month ago right here. First, that van needs some gas.

Here are some more of the Lost spoilers, just as Sun is trying to force Jin to learn English, Hurley comes barging in about the car...nobody will help him gas it up, except Jin:

The real Kate / Sawyer Lost spoilers :) Actually, in this episode, Kate saves Sawyer and they reinvigorate their relationship, as Kate says, start again, clean slate. The spoilers are, yes and no, don't count on it, and, you will stay tuned:

Sayid and Locke Lost spoilers: Finally Kate and Sawyer hit the beach and are de-briefed by Sayid and Locke. Kate heads off to get help, and you know who it's from ... Yep Dannielle Rousseau, Alex's mother, and poor Karl's, well no relation, yet. How does she know where to look? Dart givaway.

True to half-baked rescue plans past, why bother taking the Iraqi Republican Guard torturer guy Sayid on a commando rescue mission? Hmmm can't think of any reason to do that ... ;)

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razza said...

I think it's clearly obvious that Kate wants to have Sawyer say he is sorry because he hurt her badly by accusing her of "only doing it because she thought he was a dead man" Kate's expressions showed that she was not only hurt by that but shocked that he could say something like that to her!
I know they won't have an easy time of it BUT as Damon & Carlton have already said,they are not over by a long shot & that new scene proves it!
Kate looks at him with love in her eyes, that is very obvious!