Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Final Not In Portland Spoilers

The hype is on and Lost is leaking fast! It is a finely tuned PR machine. First there were a series of stories on how Lost is going to remind everyone of why they love the mystery of the show. Now the entire next episode – Lost series 3, episode 7, has been leaked.

This is a spoilers blog, right? So why aren’t we publishing the whole thing? First, ABC apparently asked people not to do that. Second it’s just a day away! Our compromise is to give some pretty good spoilers … or misdirection … but not the whole thing:

  • Karl – remember him? The nice kid who Alex loves? Sawyer’s cage mate in Season 1, Episode 3 is back. Think Clockwork Orange. We learn why the Others so resemble a cult – which readers of this blog knew months ago on LostExposed.com. By the time this episode is over everyone will love Karl.

  • Juliet – the episode revolves around her. “Not In Portland” means she is being recruited to the island, and it’s not in Portland. Juliet is a Dharma recruit, preying on her vulnerability. There will be no doubt that whoever is controlling Dharma is evil.

  • Jack - Jack and Juliet have tense moments in the operating room, depicted in the PR photo above.

  • Do Sawyer and Kate get away? Yes, they evade the evil pursuing Others, but no, they still are on the little Alcatraz island. The escape back to the big Lost island is for next week, "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Season 3, Episode 8 of Lost

  • Alex – Helps the escape.

  • Ben – is Alex's “father”. We do not know if he is a bio dad, or adoptive dad.

  • Enjoy...

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Hey L, Point well taken about Alex!