Sunday, February 11, 2007

Raft of Lost Spoilers Rowing In

The next episode of Lost is "Flashes Before Your Eyes" - Season 3, Episode 8. To kick off the Lost spoilers for this episode, it is a Valentine's Day special, so expect romance to be in the air.
Now for the easy Kate and Sawyer Lost spoiler, the last we saw of Kate and Sawyer and unconscious Karl, they were rowing back to the big Lost Island, as shown in the picture at the left. Expect Kate to have remourse over leaving Jack and contemplate turning around to try to go back and get him - even though Jack insisted she not do that.

Back in the cult spoilers, time for Jack to get back to Othersville - the Others' cult camp, for some old fashioned reeducation. Juliet too. So, they will have something in common, to serve as a basis for a blossoming relationship.

I'll have more on the Lost Flashes Before Your Eyes episode in my spoilers post for the episode early next week.

Here are a few Lost Spoilers courtesy of the typically vague hints in TV Guide.

Ok, next few weeks there will be flashbacks for Desmond (Flashes Before Your Eyes) and some of the old familiar beach Losties, Claire, Hurley, and Sayid, and Jack too. Probably the biggest Lost spoiler is finally we will learn a bit more about how Locke became wheelchair bound. He slipped on a banana peel ... seriously not funny ... I don't know right now. But Terry O'Quinn has personally guaranteed "It's pretty stunning".

Some of the kidnapped childern, not Walt, are seen in Season 3, Episode 9, Stranger In A Strange Land - along with the Oceanic Flight 815 stewardess Cindy.

In Season 3, Episode 9 we will get some more info on the connection of the Others to the Dharma Initiative. It was pretty clear from Episode 7 (Not In Portland) that Juliet was recruited by the evil Others, and Dharma. So we are slated to learn a bit more, and vidit a new hatch, the Flame hatch.


HubbaBubba said...

Contender, by 'reeducate' do you mean both Jack and Juliet will be sent back to Othersville after being brainwashed?

razza said...

Can you elaborate on the Jack going to otherville for some good old fashioned reeducation, because please tell me that does not mean we can expect a "Jack brainwashing" storyline!
I have feared this since learning he will be off the show for at least a couple eps & think this is how the other's will be able to keep him there for a lot longer!

A said...

I hope we're not seeing Jack in Rm. 23, and doubt it. Jack finds his way back to the big Lost island with the Other's pleasant hamlet eventually. Juliet definitely will be on the outs with other Others.

HubbaBubba said...

Contender, you say that Jack will eventually find his way back to the big Lost island with Juliet. Do you mean Othersville or the beach camp? And what's up with this rescue attempt by Kate? I take it Jack does not want to go back with her?

razza said...

I hope we don't see Jack in Room 23 either!
Also did you notice that in a preview for the next few episodes Kate uses the word I "Owe" Jack that much when talking about helping get him back, I wondered if you had any info on whether Sawyer would be a part of this mission as well because to me it would be silly for Kate & maybe Locke & Sayid to go it alone because we know how many other's are floating around right?

A said...

I agree it would be a poorly conceived plan. But hey, small posses v. the Others is the pattern.