Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Last Moment - Lost Spoilers

One of the Lost spoilers is, The entire Lost Survivor Guide episode now is up on Yahoo. Their version is a bit longer than the version that is being broadcast. Here is a link for it: Lost Survivor Guide.

Also, the producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have dished a lot of new Lost spoilers in, including Not In Portland spoilers, the remainder of Lost Season 3 spoilers and some Lost Season 4 spoilers. Here is a summary:

Michael and Walt Spoilers: This story will be continued in Lost Season 4

Other Others Lost Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 7 will start filling in the story of the Others (think a cross of Clockwork Orange and BF Skinner nightmare). Some were native born Lost islanders, while others were recruited to the Lost island like Juliet.

Dharma and the Others Spoilers: The connection between the Dharma Initiative and the Others will be revealed in Season 3, Episode 11 of Lost.

Libby Spoilers: Season 4 will address who Libby is and how she got into a mental ward with Hurley. Her story will be told through a flashback, and not through a current beach Lostaway flashback.

Sayid Cat Spoilers: Sayid’s cat will be in Season 3, Episode 11 … can’t wait for that one!

Skeletons Spoilers: There will be anagrams in Season 3, Episode 7 that shed light on the the skeletons and on the timing of some events on the Lost island.

Claire / Jack Spoilers: Sometime in the next six episodes the question of whether Claire is Jack’s half sister will be answered.

Flight 815 Crash Spoilers: Did Desmond’s failure to push the button cause Oceanic Flight 815 to crash? Yes and no. It would not have crashed if Desmond pushed the button, but cause and effect not revealed.

Penelope Spoilers: More to come in Season 3, Episode 8, in Desmond’s flashback.

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