Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lost Returns in One Week

Lost is set to resume its broadcast schedule in exactly one week - with "Not In Portland", Episode 7 of Season 3 of Lost. Can you believe it, we only are up to Episode 7? This hiatus has been a bit of a sore point for a lot of Lost fans, and the producers will not repeat the hiatus in Season 4 of Lost.

The hiatus would have been considered a success if Daybreak, Lost's schedule replacement, had fared better in the ratings race. However it did not, leaving the network filling the schedule until February 7. I was in the evident minority liking Daybreak, and look forward to viewing the remaining episodes on when they are released.

Follow this link for my spoilers blogs on the upcoming Lost episode spoilers
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Another spoiler leak du jour is that the big reveal of Nikki (Kiele Sanchez)and Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro) will be coming in Episode 14 of Season 3. Not very new news, but repackaged. The preceding episodes where we saw glimpses of these new characters in Season 3 were meant as brief intros, so the ultimate reveal later on is not so shocking. Of course everyone is wondering about their purposes anyway. I heard Rodrigo's contract only runs one year. If that is true, the implication is that he will die or melt back into the unnamed survivors. Of course there could be contract renewal options, so there is no guarantee, only a hint that Paulo will be gone.


Nicolas said...

Contender, shed some light if you can on the recent Cuse quote about Jack and Kate being the "ultimate relationship". He'd better mean in some non-sexual sense, because we all know that can never work. The chemistry is DOA.

A said...

Hmmm pretty interesting. Got a link? I've sensed more people this season people are pulling for Sawyer/Kate versus Kate/Jack, so it sounds like the resident genius may want to mix things up a bit. ... One thing for sure, if Jack would jump more he would be a jumping Jack. Badabum. Bad joke anyone?.

HubbaBubba said...

Contender! Here is the link for the Carlton Cuse quote
Obviously we would love to hear your take or if you have heard anything.

By the way, while reading a few of your 'Lost Blog Clues', you mentioned or hinted at some kind of Jack-Kate connection, maybe something we missed in 'I Do'?

A said...

Hey Faith-ububba, looks like hype.

In this blog, we cover fun and interesting things to write about in the true Contender style. So, if not compelling it doesn’t make it here, except if someone else wants to cover it in the comments. … Well, sometimes even if Contender style doesn’t fit, we still write about it if it seems like it would be interesting to a lot of the people visiting (literally thousands, much to my astonishment)… so much for consistency. Oh, also, Lost is so HuGe no single human, even with a vast network of informants including you can possibly cover it all >=) Jack does seem to have a lot of pull… his focus group ratings must still be high. I prefer ninja Jack and the potential jumping jack.