Friday, January 12, 2007

Black Rock and Enterprise Spoilers

I was thinking of devoting this post to the true meaning of Black Rock, but that will have to wait for another day.

There is some great news today for Lost creator J.J. Abrams. He has been signed to produce the next installment in the Star Trek franchise. The details are set and this one will be an action adventure focusing on the events that brought Kirk and Mr. Spock (another Mr., not Eko) together for greatness, never Lost. You can see I still miss Mr. Eko. Kirk goes to Star Fleet academy and becomes the world's most famous captain.

Lost's J.J. Abrams also produced Mission Impossible III, released in 2006. If you saw it you also could see his greatness in directing an action drama. It succeeded despite the huge personal baggage literally and figuratively trailing its star Tom Cruise.

Oh, the Black Rock, ABC calls it a "19th century sailing ship" - talking about captains ... Wondering how I'd tie this together? At the left is a publicity photo put out by ABC - Touchstone Pictures a while ago showing Lostaways exploring the hulking wreck of the Black Rock - You can make out Hurley, Charlie, and Jack in the released photo.

Did you notice that ABC highlighted the Black Rock as one of the unsolved mysteries listed in the Season 3, Part 2 Spoilers
a few days ago? We've got the spoiler about Black Rock coming soon right here at the Lost Spoilers blog, or at ... haven't decided yet where to put it, or maybe not at all since it's hard to verify with the 100% spoiler accuracy for which we are known.

Here is a riddle clue: A spoiler on hulking wreck Black Rock known to only a few and believed by fewer, it is not as profound as some people might expect, and more profound than others might expect, and is not even be a true Lost spoiler. I do not think that is solvable, so don't waste time trying. Vague enough?

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Stef LeMat said...

I think we must go back and think about the Black Rock, the galleon in the middle of the island, and ask ourselves how it arrived there.

At first I thougt about a tsunami or something like that.

But is as simple as that the island emerged below it... And if that galleon is very old, the island must have emerged a long, long time ago... So... The island is alien technology, a ship or something like that... Or travels thru time, which is evident that its happening in the show. So the island can travel in space and travels thru time (now you see it and now you dont! of the season 4 finale) wiii!!! this is getting great, I can`t wait for season 5....