Monday, January 8, 2007

Lost Spoilers, Season 3, Episode 9

ABC now has confirmed the Episode 9 Lost spoilers posted here first over three weeks ago. This came in the latest Lost Moment ad.

The Lost Moment shows a sexy "lady" with Jack in bed. That's it, really. Here is the Lost Moment on YouTube if you want to watch it.

The real Lost spoilers are found if you read between the lines, and our Tattoo spoiler post. In Episode 9, Jack goes to Thailand, meets girl (played by Bai Ling), and gets his first tattoos. The girl in the ad seducing Jack is played by actress Bai Ling. The scene takes place in a the Jack flashback in Bangkok, Thailand. Notice the tattoo on the girl's back. Jack will join her style statement soon.

In an interview in E-Online, Bai Ling says her character is very important in Jack's life and his tattoos have something to do with her character. Take those statements with some skepticism since she also claimed to be a recurring character, a claim we could not confirm.

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