Sunday, January 7, 2007

Spoilers for Post-Hiatus - "Not In Portland", Season 3, Episode 7

Spoiler Alert: Don't read this if you don't want to know the future of Lost.

Ok, here we go with the new Lost Spoilers Blog. This enry will have the spoilers as best I can expertly and with 2 zillion % accuracy can discern from the vague and muted rumblings from the all-powerful creators ;).

Let's get serious now, after all, Lost spoilers is serious business... NOT.

Ok, let's try again, the producers and ABC’s spin-meisters are out there churnin’ and churnin’ to keep interest in the show during the 13 week hiatus. So, there have been repeated spoiler leaks, not to mention the Lost Nuggets that are being broadcast on Daybreak. One thing about Daybreak: *updated*: I WAS liking it - making me a minority of one! (old: I'm liking it! Surprise Surprise!) *Another update*: It's ratings were terrible, so it's gone (old: It's ratings have not been very good though, so don't worry Lost fans, it won't "spoil" our fun!).

During the hiatus, be on heightened alert for mis-direction and false rumors. (UPDATE: There have been a million already.) A lot of the operatives of the Lost PR machine are itchin’ to buzz buzz buzz buzzzzzzz during the break, so be highly skeptical of spoilers that have not been fully verified in this Spoilers Blog, or on my blog over at LostExposed! After all, as I have said before, we would not want any inaccurate spoilers to appear in this blog, snicker snicker. The Clues blog on this episode is here: Lost Clues Blog, and will be updated after the broadcast.

The "Not In Portland" episode will be picking up after the mid-season finale that originally was broadcast in the U.S. in November 2006. There were several mini – cliffhangers that in true Lost fashion will be fully resolved in Episode 7 … NOT . One that we can count on being resolved is whether Kate runs or does not run. You hear it here with 100% certainty: What will happen is Kate decides to run and takes Sawyer with her.

As for Saywer, he had a gun to his head when we last saw him. Now Kate isn't the type to just kiss and run . So she'll take him along for the ride. While escaping, receive a little assist from Alex who mysteriously still happens to be in the woods, even thought the Others sent her home.

News Flash,..... I mean Flashback: The flashback for this episode will take us to Portland, just like the title says, "Not In Portland". Haha, nice twist huh?

Now Portland is a great place (yeah Portland), but the really good news is that we will learn pieces of Juliet’s back story in this episode. Who is she? How did she get so good with a gun? Why is she an Other instead of a nice Lostie? Did you catch the gun reference? Yes, Juliet is a pistol … expert. Look for her to aim, and pull the trigger, with deadly results. Her aim is more aligned with the Losties than we know, so look for another other to bite the dirt.

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