Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Lost Spoilers - "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Season 3, Episode 8

Widmore Return – Lost Episode 8, Season 3, Flashes Before Your Eyes
Spoilers Ahead (Maybe)
In the spirit of the season and outright good PR, someone, maybe even someone at ABC let “slip” some inside spoilers on upcoming Lost episodes.

Here are the spoilers although like any Lost spoilers emanating from the inner sanctum, they may complete misdirection :).

The infamous Widmore family finally makes their return. Remember them? There is Penny Widmore – beautiful Juliet look-alike (not Juliet, right?) who was Desmond’s love before his boating accident on the island. Still his inspiration though, since it was her image that propelled Desmond into the dark hatch-hole risking his own life to turn the key and save the world at the end of season 2.

Then there was her spooky limousine riding dad named Charles. He set the whole thing up with Desmond.

Of course there is the Lost novel Bad Twin – that’s the book Sawyer found in the plane wreckage and was reading during Lost's Season 2. It mysteriously surfaced in the real world and actually hit the New York Times best seller list over the summer. Here is a good review of Bad Twin by Michelle. The book was authored by Gary Troup who died in the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. In the real world, Laurence Shames wrote the book, under the nom-de-plum of Gary Troup.

All this happens in Episode 8, Season 3. This will be a lovers’ broadcast on Valentine’s Day, February 14 - unless ABC manages to speed up the production schedule. So look for love to blossom. Maybe Penny-Desmond in this extravaganza.

If the infamous Widmores re-appear it also is clear that this episode will center on Desmond, both on the island and off. We will get a glimpse of Desmond's pre-military life and hints but no resolution as to how Desmond wound his way on the path to the boat race that crash landed him on the island, destined never to escape.

We also will follow some pretty inane head scratching by Hurley and Charlie as to who Desmond seem to have changed since the hatch explosion. OK, that was a hint on how I feel about the potential for that exercise. But we at Contender's Lost Spoiler's blog hope as much as anyone that the writers make it a compelling investigation by Hurley. Let's get the H-man back to season 1 form

The episode title has been set as, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.

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