Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lost Spoilers Rolling In

Yet again we have had the Lost spoilers activity nailed, sort of, kind of, 110%. Follow the thought. Right at the start of the hiatus we already had the Not In Portland spoilers and put them up in our Lost Spoilers for Not in Portland article. True to prediction the clever marketing people at ABC have kept the buzz going during the hiatus, dishing out spoilers and maybe some misdirection on the future of Lost.

The biggest Lost spoiler, reported first here maybe weeks ago is that the Lost creators and ABC marketing gurus are keenly aware of the discontent with the first six episodes by a segment of the Lost fan base. Not us, but some people were getting really discouraged that the first six episodes were a set up of things to come, rather than clear answers to the hatch, kidnapping etc. Cinematically they were pure genius. But unfulfilling for some.

So the spoiler here is that adjustments have been made to episode 9 onwards to provide more "answers" to mysteries of the island and crash. It was too late to do many changes to episodes 7 and 8 because of filming schedules, but not with the later Lost episodes. This retooling has been done with an eye to closing some issues and raising others - in classic Lost fashion.

For example, we will find out more about those two guys in an arctic igloo - speaking Brazilian Portuguese, - monitoring magnetic disturbances. Remember them? They were the closing scene of Season 2, notifying mysterious Penny Widmore they found Desmond's island. A reminder of Penny always has been planned for Lost Season 3, Episode 8 - Flashes Before Your Eyes. The adjustment is that this story line will be expanded and explored in great detail later in the season. Personally I think the Widmores present a great side story and focusing on Penny is a good move.

Here's some of the other Lost Spoilers floating around: Michael and Walt return to Lost. Personally, I could do without that story line, and still am annoyed that Michael shot Ana Lucia - writing a fan favorite out of the show. But people are dying to know what happened when Walt and dad Michael gleefully sailed away in Fenry/Benry's Others boat.

We already reported that Episode 7, Not in Portland, will have a Juliet flashback. The new news is that she has a sister (Robin Weigert) who appears and also recurs in another flashback for later in the season.

There is a rumor that at least one of the Nicki and Paulo duet will be gone by the end of the season. A lot of us cannot even figure out why they are on the island in the first place. Some answers to come in Episode 14.

Here is a Lost Spoiler that will bring a lot of joy: Action moves away from the little zoo island -- again by Episode 9. Kate and Sawyer will escape by boat in Episode 7 Not in Portland and Jack stays behind with the Others.

And the big Kate - Sawyer relationship spoiler - stay tuned for my next post :). Who is that standing behind Sawyer in the group PR photo above anyway ...?


Charmqn said...

Why can't you give us the Kate/sawyer relationship spoiler now...Give us a hint; is a good spoiler?

FreakyDuck said...

Ana was NOT a fan favorite. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

HubbaBubba said...

PLEASE give us the Sawyer-Kate relationship spoiler. I'm dieing here. Pretty please!

Maryann said...

So when is the next post coming? When is this great Skate spoiler gonna be revealed?? Please post soon!

A said...

Hey guys. Sorry I was away a few days.

Freakyduck, I liked Ana Lucia, and a lot of people did like her. I doubt she rates as high as Kate or Sawyer, but anyway I miss her lighting things up a bit, albeit in a misguided steely tripwire temper sort of way.

Charmqn, As for the Kate/Sawyer spoiler, I wanted to spin it out in a fun way, so it was going to take a while to write. I hope to have it up real soon... big may have been hyperbole, maybe not. As for a hint, there is a rather obscure riddle here that probably cannot be found.

lizzie said...

Is the riddle that no one is standing behind Sawyer?

Kevin said...

I read somewhere that the guy who plays "Paulo" said this is his one and only season on the show.