Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spoilers: Lost Survivor Guide, Kate and Claire

Deep in the recesses behind the scenes, and heard by our vast network of Lost Spoilers Blog informants, there has been considerable unease inside ABC and the Lost team about the public perception of this season 3. When the recognition started sinking in starting around the end of October, serious thought was given to avoiding the mistakes of other now defunct television series, and also to reinvigorate the Lost audience. You will never hear anyone make a big point of the deliberations, just the tantalizing hints of the outcome. And the fact of the matter is that the first six episodes of Lost this season were nothing short of brilliantly written and filmed.

We already have discussed a lot of the spoilers rolling out about the changes after Episode 9 of Season 3. There have been so many spoilers you have to wonder if this is just the second half. Before we know it Not In Portland will be here and the slew of spoilers will only continue week after week as the season progresses.

One spoiler is the recently announced episode called "Lost Survivor Guide". A nice play on the word "survivor", after all the Lostaways are stranded on an island to survive by their own moxie and wit to outplay, outwit and outlast the evil Others and the smoke monster. This Lost Survivor Guide will not only be to introduce Part II of season 3, but also to set the tone for bringing some new Lost fans on board. The ad campaign in the can will capitalize on this. For existing viewers, ABC is touting that the recap reiterate some hints, clues and secrets that everyone missed. Hmmmm is that the Kate is an Other secret? We think not.

The "guest stars" for Not In Portland have been announced as Robin Weigert as Rachel, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, William Mapother as Ethan, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Michael Bowen as Pickett, Ariston Green as Jason, Teddy Wells as Ivan, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Steve Labrash as morgue employee, Kimberly Estrada as Sherry, Rob McElhenney as Aldo and Zeljko Ivanek as Edmund.

Oh, I nearly forgot....Not. Why are there photos of Remington Steele, Moonlighting at the start of this post? Notice they are both couples but at the opposite ends of the romantic spectrum.

On the left there is Remington Steele featuring not quite lovebirds Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) and Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan). That's Laura with the wide open eyes in the picture. Can't take her eyes of Pierce, and he for her. So what happened? Nothing - not until after the ratings tanked and the decision to cancel had been made. Romantic tension never let up.

Now, on the right there is Moonlighting, featuring the lovebirds Madeline "Maddie" Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and David Addison (Bruce Willis). So what happened? ... Well, nothing until season 4. In the picture you see they are back-to-back, but touching. Looking different ways, but still close to one another. Then what happened, well they became a couple and ratings tanked.

Conventional wisdom actually being hinted at by the producers of Lost is that Moonlighting tanked after Maddie and David became a couple. But what about Remington Steele? It tanked even though Remington and Laura were apart. There are also are alternative explanations for the demise of Moonlighting's ratings, like, lagging scripts and exiling Maddie to the end of a phone line when Cybill Shepherd became pregnant.

So HEY Lost producers: don't take the wrong lessons from the past!

And HEY Lost Spoilers blogger, why is this a Lost spoiler anyway?

Oh...Yeah ... they don't want to repeat the past mistakes of Moonlighting and all.

This means: Charlie and Claire - although dancing with couple-dom throughout the first two seasons - WILL become a couple sort of and maybe not. First it looked like Claire was accepting Charlie, then came heroine, uh heroin between them. Yet now, have no doubt at all, about the Charlie's back spoiler. Count on the relationship to blossom then become and remain tense, Charlie never quite knowing where he stands ... sort of and maybe not.

Also have no doubt about this spoiler - Kate and Sawyer will not remain a happy pair, white picket fence, doggie and all. Their relationship will be sort of and maybe not as well. It will not be a tidy one and count on circumstances and their own natures to drive them apart, while the affection pulls in the other direction. Also don't forget all of Kate's longing for Jack. Moonlighting Lost will not be, nor will it Steele.


Kate said...

Wow, I forgot all about Remington Steele! That was where Pierce was before James Bond. Nicely sarcastically written!

A said...

TY K, shaken not stirred, Lol!

Maude said...

Hey. Great post. But I'm having trouble understanding what you were trying to say as far as Kate and Sawyer go. Were you being sarcastic about them breaking up? Or are you serious about them having problems and Kate longing for Jack? Thanks.

Lili said...

Hmm, I didn't think Sawyer and Kate was going to be an easy relationship ... but do you think they'll be together in the end?

A said...

Hey Maude, and welcome! Yeah, definitely... me sarcastic :) However, in all seriousness, yes, they will not have a nice linear relationship.

Hey lili, hmmmm in the end. You know there is a lot of public talk going on that the producers are about to name a definitive end date. Also, it seems that they kill off a lot of characters on Lost. Despite that, I'll bet that Kate and Sawyer are together in some way in the end, but that's pure speculation. It will be pretty uncertain along the way though.

Maude said...

What have you heard about all this 'Kate longing for Jack?' Are the rumors true that Kate goes back to rescue Jack and finds him in Othersville? Or are we just going to see her being sad back on the beach?

A said...

Hi M, The best I can say right now is to take a look at my new 1/25 post! ";)

Maude said...

So Kate chooses Jack for real?
I thought you said you thought Sawyer and Kate would end up together in the end? You gotta give me something. Or does Kate find the Black Rock and sail away by herself? lol.

Nicolas said...

I'm only hoping the show doesn't devolve into some standard hero gets girl tripe. Please tell me that the writers at the least realize what lightning they've caught in a bottle with Sawyer and Kate. When this kind of couple comes around, with actors that click so charismatically, good writers should throw their cliches - and their dull, conventional Jack "hero" - out the window. When you made your Scully Mulder comparison, that's how I took it. Hopefully I read you right.

A said...

Hey N. I agree with you and I think your instinct is correct. They do not want Kate-Sawyer to become soporific. I'm curious what to do with Jack too. The vein bulging tantrum in the Lost Moment a few weeks ago was not too inspiring from my point of view. But that was filmed before the re-thinking.