Thursday, January 4, 2007

Episode 7 Lost Moment Spoiler

This is an Episode 7, Not In Portland, post-hiatus spoiler:

I really haven't been tracking the Lost Moment ads that ABC is dishing now and then. However my interest was piqued between New Year's games by an ad they showed that seemed to compile two of the Moments. They are not really spoilers, since ABC is showing the world.

Regardless of what we call them, here's the scoop:

The Others don't just let Kate and Sawyer waltz away. They put pressure on Jack to ditch them, pointing out that the only reason he is alive is to cure Ben and if Ben dies Jack dies. Ninja Jack says, "I'll take my chances". Then to the beach. Surprise surprise. Kate doesn't have a boat. So much for Jack's brilliant plan. Of course, she's on an island, she needs a boat to get off! Pickett is in hot pursuit, gunfire erupts and then, from behind, Pickett is surprised and incapacitated. Whew.

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