Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lost Movie Update

Well, that's a bit of a deceptive title, since really there is nothing to report as far as a Lost Movie is concerned. The series finale generally was viewed as unsatisfying for many fans, in that it failed to answer so many of the open questions and mysteries of the island. Also making it all about Jack's journey to the afterlife was inconclusive for many, although early on, many had guessed that the island was a mere purgatory for the survivors, each moving on when ready.

So, is there anything happening in Hollywood about making a Lost movie? Not really. It is inevitable that there will be a Lost sequel or prequel of some kind, after all, one thing Hollywood understands is the drawing power of a part 2. Lost, with a dedicate fan base, will be a prime market for shooting a sequel of some kind, whether on TV or theatrical release. Five to ten years out tends to be the sweet spot for making that kind of commitment. Since the finale was just over two years ago, expect further news on the movie / Lost sequel front in a few years.