Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lost Spoilers and Clues - "Left Behind", Season 3 Episodes 15 and 16

This is the Lost Spoilers blog clues and spoilers from Left Behind, Lost season 3, ep. 15 from ABC TV. Lost now enters a new cycle with Jack the fearless leader of the Losties returning. And he has a plan, let's all move back to the nice homes and pool hall in the Others' now abandoned community. Oh no, that's our plan, Jack's plan is to take Juliet his new girlfriend back to the Losties beach, just what Ben wanted.

Sawyer goes cumbaya

This was a relationships episode, for the relationships season 3 of Lost. Now what about Kate spoilers? This episode was Kate-centric. Kate was handcuffed to Juliet literally, and in the flasbhack, figuratively to her past sins, and Cassidy.

Kate finally came to the realization that she never will get Jack, who is her true love. No spoilers there. It was harsh reality time locked up to Juliet. Jack told her never to return because he knew about Kate's fling in the cage with Sawyer, all courtesy of Others vision - the Others' spy camera system. Kate had no idea about it, but Juliet, dislocated shoulder and all, had no problem telling her. Juliet also knew that when Kate finally got back to Jack, Jack had another surprise - his new found attachment to Juliet.

Locke joined the Others. No surprise there.

Why can't the smoke monster just climb or fly over the fence post like Kate/Sayid/Rousseau did? Hmmmmmmm. Can you imagine it, another plot hole. It was neat special effects magic when smokey went bump, like he hit a glass wall.

Sawyer was conned by Hurley to be nice to everyone in this episode. Pretty neat. There also was another con going on in the flashback.

Now for the big spoiler reveal, known only to the super secret vast network of spoiler spies at the Lost Spoilers blog, and our legions of readers: remember Sawyer's girlfriend Cassidy, who may be the mother of his child? That was Kate's girl-buddy in crime in the flashback. She was pregnant then, so place the flashback a few years before Sawyer's time in jail. Cassidy works a con with Kate to get Kate's mom isolated in the bathroom, for a discussion with Kate. Kate is stunned to find mom unrepentant in her fury over Kate's murder of dear old dad. Juxtapose that with Kate's advice to Cassidy to call the police and have her yet unnamed boyfriend (Sawyer) put in jail. Cassidy seems to reject that idea fearing Sawyer will hate her forever. The spoilers are and the con is that Kate will be the one to get Sawyer arrested.

Kate has discovered a lot of guilt on the island. To Jack, her love, for ruining his chance to escape the island. To Sawyer, for the yet unseen circumstances leading to his arrest, and also for his capture and mistreatment by the others, hence her guilt relationship with Sawyer.

A Lost spoilers preview for episode 16, "One Of Us" is that captain Jack returns with Juliet to the beach. The Losties are stunned Jack brought back an Others spy. That Juliet is running a con is obvious to everyone but Jack. As for Kate, she now can go back to her guilt and rebound fling with Sawyer. Poor Sawyer, or is it lucky Sawyer? You be the judge.

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