Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost Spoilers - The Brig, Season 3, Episode 19

This is the Lost Spoilers blog for "The Brig", episode 19 of season 3 of Lost TV on ABC.
Coming attractions: Team Locke-Sawyer versus Team Jack-Juliette.

With the schedule moving inexorably towards the grand finale, we received some tantalizing set up in Lost TV Episode 18, D.O.C., or date of conception. OK, Naomi the parachutist said to patchy that she is not alone. Who else is with her? They will be important players for sure. What about Oceanic Flight 815, the plane that crashed on the island with the Losties? In a carefully worded tidbit Naomi reveals that its wreckage was found and no survivors. The Lost spoilers are that pieces of the plane were found, with the black box, an Others cover up, and no survivors were found... there were some dead bodies, after all a lot of remains landed in the ocean, and for those not found, just presumed missing or unrecoverable.

Danielle Rousseau is back

Now, on with the Lost spoilers for "The Brig". This is a pivotal episode for Locke, as he confronts yet again his father, Anthony Cooper. The Locke flashbacks do not flash very far back, just to the events of Locke on the Lost island and what happened in his interactions with the Others after leaving Jack, Juliette, and Kate. Ben tantalizes Locke as he doles out some more information on Cooper, the inhabitant of the magic box (figuratively speaking). Locke kidnaps Cooper but finds he cannot pull the trigger to kill the source of his misery, so he enlists Sawyer's help. The start of the new Team Locke-Sawyer, important as we wind to the grand Lost Season 3 finale. The Lost Spoilers also will involve some more startling revelations from Team Naomi the parachutist.

Wake up, I have a file to show you.

The official Lost Spoilers press release from ABC TV:

A newly focused Locke breaks away from the Others in an attempt to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis that has caused nothing but pain in both of their lives.

Locke wants to kill Cooper, and Cooper has scammed Sawyer as well.
Meanwhile, a new island inhabitant discloses some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815.

Team Naomi.