Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lost Spoilers Blog Clues: The Man Behind the Curtain, Season 3, Episode 20

This is the Lost Spoilers clues blog for Lost Season 3, Ep. 20 - The Man Behind the Curtain. What is behind the title, of course the Wizard of Oz. Lost, being Lost it is not so straightforward, giving us lots to ponder for the future.

We know the future of course and it has 48 episodes spread over seasons 4, 5, and 6 of Lost TV on ABC. The ABC top echelon wanted to run Lost for as long as possible. After all, as one of the world's most watched TV shows, the Lost series is very valuable. The creators on the other hand only wanted two more seasons to spin their tale, the Lost tale. The compromise? Two seasons of episodes (48), but spread out over three mini-seasons. Lost now will be an "event" program, like a long mini-series.

Don't call me Jacob

As for The Man Behind the Curtain, the Lost spoilers clue is it is Ben not "Jacob". Locke showed he was bad on Mikhail the Russian soldier, beating him to a pulp. However, Ben was badder. You would think Locke would know not to turn his back on Ben, but he did and it was all over, almost. The Lost spoilers say, Locke will be back because the island, and Jacob, love him. Or is it Ben's other Other personality ;) Here is Bonnie Covel's Ben / Jacob Lost Theory.

Actually, the Lost Spoilers blog clue here is, Jacob is and was very real, and very powerful. He also is in some ways controlled or limited Ben. After all, when Jacob was having his tantrum over Locke's bright flashlight (it is dark in that house), Ben, like a jailer or a parent admonished Jacob that he had "enough fun". Ben has some control, but not total control. Ben desperately needed to know the message Jacob got to Locke, "Help me". Not total control.

Locke is a dire threat to Ben's control over the Others cult. Locke challenged Ben in front of all the other Others, and they simply looked on, if not silently rooting for Locke, who they know is very special.

Alternatively of course, Ben could really is the psycho he appears to be - with a dual personality disorder.

Readers of this blog have known forever that Ben lies. Now we know he murdered his own father in cold blood (meet Roger Work Man, the partying skeleton in Hurley's hippie bus), murdered his Dharma teachers, and murdered all the people he grew up with. The hostiles - they took over the Dharma camp.

Penny Widmore spoilers, Lost thories: Penny returns and is aligned with the murdered Dharma-ites.

Kate of course still loves Jack, and cannot keep a secret from him, even with Juliet on the scene. Poor Sawyer.

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