Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some More Finale Lost Spoilers

With the Lost Schedule for season 3 winding down to the Season finale a day from now, we've decided to post a few more of the Lost Spoilers or foilers ;) floating around for this episode, which is Season 3, Ep. 23 and Ep. 22 of Lost on ABC.

Here is the sharp new new UK Lost spoilers preview from SkyTV:

Remember the season finale gives tribute to Alice In Wonderland as the title suggests, going "Through the Looking Glass". Understanding what that means - as discussed in one of our earlier season finale spoilers posts - will be a key to understanding and really appreciating the impact of this clever season finale from the Lost creators. While you watch the season finale, remember that and enjoy.

For those rooting for a Sawyer-Kate relationship with a cozy house behind a white picket fence, you were destined to be disappointed. Despite disbelief, this really is not new news, as we reported it last February in the Lost Clues for Episode 9 and in January in one of the Hiatus Lost Spoilers articles. In the season finale the Lost spoilers are that Kate winds up in the same place as Jack in the end, sort of. Where? We'll definitely see that by the end of the episode, and it will give a lot of fodder for discussion later of this Jack-centric episode.

Sawyer is in a dark, but decisive space in the season 3 finale, and is not too friendly, to Mr. Friendly. And, remember, Ben aka Fake Henry Gale does lie.

A final finale Lost spoilers clip has been released. This is the scene where Sawyer decides to go back to try to assist and rescue some of the captured beach Lostaways:

Provided by DoctorArzt

Time to watch, have fun, record, enjoy ...

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