Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost Spoilers: Season 1 Finale - Through The Looking Glass

This is the Lost Spoilers blog on the Lost Season 3 finale, entitled, "Through The Looking Glass" - season 3, episodes 22 and 23 of Lost on ABC TV. Well, that's mostly true. In honor of the Lost schedule making the season finale a double episode, we'll have a double Lost Spoilers blog for this episode. So, this is part 1 ...

There are a lot of rumours, foilers and theories floating around about this episode, creating the big buzz buzz buzz Lost does this time of year. So, we could say the marketing gurus atop the ABC TV tower are doing their job admirably ...

One thing we can say for sure, the longing glance Kate gives Jack in the ABC Lost spoilers sneak peak at the season finale of Lost really means something, and so does Jack's "I love you" in the preview.

In the sneak peak, the losties are getting ready for the battle of Lost island with the evil Others. Sayid and Jack go man to man with a hearty handshake, rousing music in the background, as Jack leads the masses of survivors up the beach to the radio tower. Sayid is ready to sacrifice his life shooting out the dynamite to secure a rescue:

The Canadian Lost spoilers preview from CTV shows that something went wrong with the plan. Although the Others cult commandos ran into the trap, and it worked at least partially, Rose exclaims there were supposed to be three explosions. Yet in reality there were just two.

In one of the USA Lost spoilers previews, we saw Sayid a prisoner of the Others. Ben though is apologetic, as if he needs for the first time to explain his evil actions, saying everything he did was "for the island". The Lost spoilers are that Locke and the Others are opposing Ben's hypnotic power over the Others cult and his lame excuse was not working. The Others will be surprised to learn that the Looking Glass Dharma station actually is a jamming facility that Ben had used all along to block communications with the outside world. Subverting rescue not only of the Losties, but also subverting the mobility and freedom of the Others as well. This will be a scene setter for season 3.

As discussed in the Lost Spoilers clues blog for "Greatest Hits", Charlie is captured ... and does not make it home. R.I.P. Naomi and Patchy have confrontations and do not make it off the island either.

More on the way, check back soon ...