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Lost Spoilers and Clues: Season 3, Episode 21 - Charlies Greatest Hits and Season Finale spoilers

The Lost schedule is winding up to the grand finale of Lost Season 3, on ABC TV. This is the Lost Spoilers clues blog for the "Greatest Hits" episode. Greatest Hits set the stage for the season finale, entitled "Through the Looking Glass". Here are some of the main points of the Greatest Hits episode and some spoilers for the season finale next week.

Already we posted a lot of Lost spoilers for Through the Looking Glass, a two hour episode (Season 3, episodes 22 and 23)... and come back later this week for a lot more.

Lost Spoilers - Charlie - Greatest Hits Spoilers
It was fun, Charlie

As readers of this blog knew from the earlier article, Charlie does not die, but Desmond does not lie. How do you reconcile those two contradictory statements. After all, Greatest Hits opens with Desmond predicting that Charlie must die. Yet, he doesn't. When he gets down to the Looking Glass Hatch, it was not flooded as expected. Instead it definitely was habitable, and fully inhabited at that ... by hostile Others with guns. The episode ends with that stunning revelation. So does that mean that Charlie lives, and Desmond lies? No.

Greatest Hits was a fitting tribute to Charlie and what he contributed to the development of the Lost mythology. Five of the greatest moments of Charlie's life in the Charlie flashback - his greatest hits. But Charlie's contract has not been renewed. Greatest Hits was but a stage setter for the Lost season finale in Through the Looking Glass. The Lost spoilers are that Charlie does not make it to the end. Sorry Charlie.

Captain Jack has another of his unrealistic plans. He trusts Juliet completely and persuades the other Losties to follow along. Sayid also has developed a rescue plan. So the two plans are set in motion, Sayid's over Jack's initial opposition. Jack devises the battle plan, with the stunning reappearance of Bernard and Rose, who have been lost in Lost season 3. As we saw coming attractions, Jack's plan does not work as he expected. A lot of Losties are captured. But does Ben really have the unqualified support of his Others cult? No.

It turns out Jack already had brought in Danielle Rousseau for backup, and she has been retrieving dynamite from the wreck of the Black Rock. That is the same place Locke held Sawyer and his still-alive father in "The Brig", season 3, episode 19. Remember the surreal scene when Rousseau walked in on Locke, said Hi, and then turned around and walked out with a box of dynamite? She was bringing it for the ambush plotted by Jack. Unfortunately, Jack did not help her carry the dynamite, and when Karl comes to warn that the attack is a day earlier than Juliet believed, Jack's plan is in tatters. No way to detonate the dynamite, except by using sharpshooters.

Hi, just here for a box of dynamite.

They plant the explosives in three tents marked as containing women to be kidnapped by Ben and his not-so-merry band of Others marauders. A lot of Others will be lost, even though not all explode. The battle is on.

As for Sayid's plan, the key is to get the radio brought by Naomi the parachutist working. However, Ben is jamming transmissions via the Looking Glass Dharma station underwater. Desmond and Sayid know how to find it - using the beached cable. Finally we learn its significance. Charlie and Desmond head out to disable the interference. Of course that is when Charlie is surprised to find both air and hostile others. He leaves his legacy in Desmond's pocket.

Here is the short ABC TV trailer for the season finale. Not much in the way of spoilers in it, except to confirm the scene is set for the battle of Lost island between the Others and the Jack-led beach Lostaways:

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