Saturday, November 4, 2006

Spoilers Blog for "I DO" - The Mini-Mid-Season Finale of Lost Season 3 – Episode 6.

If you want to remain in suspense until the broadcast, stop reading now...

The Clues blog on this episode is here: Lost Clues Blog.

This episode is actually a mini-finale, mini - cliffhanger and all. Lost takes a 13 week break coming back in late Winter for the Nielson ratings sweeps. Lost is a ratings powerhouse and the programming gurus at ABC would never squander that opportunity. Idea Idea Idea

This episode will end in mini - rousing season finale form, with a real mini - suspense-filled cliff hanger to keep Lost fans on edge with anticipation for the show’s return. The cliff hanger revealed at the end of this mother of all spoiler blogs Rolling Eyes .

The title of this episode is literal – “I do” – as in Kate getting married in a flashback, saying “I do”. We will see Kate (aka "Monica") in a white wedding dress taking vows with Kevin, portrayed by Nate Fillion. She's a fugitive. More on Nate here.

If it wasn't clear enough already, Kate also picks Sawyer (again) in another "I do" moment. This one was so obvious to anyone reading the Clues Blog on that I did not include it in the original version of the Spoilers Blog.

Back on the little Island, the Others continue to press Jack to operate on Ben. Jack warns Ben his tumor is almost terminal, and will become inoperable within a week. Talk about pressure on everyone. Ben promises all the surgical equipment necessary. However, Jack resists performing the surgery.

So what do the lovable Others do to help Jack with his decision? Look for other Others' ways to put pressure on him of course. They cut off the surgeon's hands Mr. Green ... ok Not really. They use Kate to beg. Jack - having become a savvy negotiator this season - figures out they have done something to Kate. She lets on they threatened to kill Sawyer if Jack fails to cooperate. Chuck Norris Jack sees the Others have gotten to her and boots her out. This is not to disrespect her, but to demonstrate his own personal power to the mean Others.

expect more than one unanswered question, i.e. cliffhangers, after all this is Lost and we love it that way. Exclamation

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