Wednesday, December 27, 2006

S3E10: Potential Spoiler

Here is a rumour that we have not vetted yet for Episode 9, so this is not an OFFICIAL Lost Spoilers Blog spoiler. Let's call it "speculation", instead of "spoiler".

Rousseau is back according to the credits we have not seen leaked by someone or another. Hmmmm. Rousseau for those who do not remember is the jungle living survivor of a previous wreck on the island. Maybe crazy from all her years in isolation and disease, but maybe she really is sane; this ambiguity is one of the sources of her popularity. Her daughter was kidnapped by the Others and has appeared this season as Danielle. I've always wondered why Rousseau never found the Others' little village over all her years on the island. Maybe we'll get an answer to this mystery.

Correction: Episode 10

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luvlost said...

Why do you keep refering to Rouseau's daughter as Danielle? That's actually Rouseau's first name, and Alex is her daughter.