Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Not In Portland Spoiler

A whole new round of post-hiatus spoilers are swirling around now. We first broke the Not In Portland Spoilers a few weeks ago (follow the link).

As if that was not enough, ABC now has "officially" released a holiday spoiler gift to us, leaked out under the table to In this official leak, ABC is quoted as saying:

"Jack is in command, as the fate of one of The Others' lives rests in his hand. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer find an ally in one of The Others, and Juliet makes a shocking decision that could endanger her standing with her people."

Pretty vague, huh? Remember that shocking decision is to pull the trigger, as we revealed ages ago! The other Other who helps Kate and Sawyer - that would be Danielle, Rousseau's daughter.

The real spoiler is in the credits for the episode. Ethan is back. This means the episode travels to the Others’ cult-like village again. It’s about time.

Karl also is back! Remember him? He was the guy locked up in the cage opposite Sawyer in Season 3, episode 1. Since Danielle revealed the Other’s offed the kid, this means we get a view of the Others’ village pre-kidnapping, and pre-crash. In other words, another Others flashback.

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