Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost Spoilers - Part 2 - Season 4, Episodes 13 and 14

This is the second part of the Lost Spoilers blog for the finale of the Lost Season 4 finale - episodes 13 and 14. The first part of the Lost spoilers for the season 4 finale are at this link: Lost Season 4 finale. A lot more Lost spoilers sneak peak videos have been leaking out, so this is Part II of the finale of the finale Lost spoilers blog. One Lost Season 5 spoiler is that a theme will be getting back to the island. Jack wants to get back, and so do the some of the freighter people.

First up is Locke and Jack outside the Orchid station greenhouse. The Locke-Jack spoilers are that Locke now is prophetic, predicting Jack will never find inner peace unless Jack stays on the island:

In the second of the Lost videos peaks, Kate falls into a trap of the freighter people commandos, or does she really? Of course not, she now is allied with the others who drop from trees in their own ambush and the battle of the helicopter is on.

The third of the videos has Michael, Desmond, Jin Lost spoilers - Michael has a plan to de-activate the freighter bomb:

Next up are the Oceanic 6 helicopter spoilers all are aboard the helicopter, and the fuel is leaking, but no freighter in sight. This is because the freighter has moved, so the choice is go back to the island or possibly ditch at sea:

Ben and Locke go into the underground Dharma station and Ben condecendingly runs another Dharma video for Locke, while Ben takes care of business:

More to come, check back soon...

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