Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost Spoilers: Season 4, Episode 12 - There's No Place Like Home

This is the Lost Spoilers blog for Part I of the season finale of Lost Season 4 - episode 12 - There's No Place Like Home. This post is continued with more videos and pictures here: Lost Spoilers Finale 2. The first Lost Spoilers clue for the season finale is in the title - There's No Place Like Home. What does that sound like?

Lost Oceanic Air SpoilersWelcome Home Oceanic Style

Lost Spoilers - Season 4 Finale - Dorothy in OzThere's No Place Like Home
Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (1939)

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, of course - closing her eyes, clicking her heels, and saying, there's no place like home, and poof, the dream is over and she is safe and sound at home, out of mythical Oz. Escaped from Ben and the evil Others and the evil freighter people ...

Lost Spoilers in OzBadder Than Ben
Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz (1939)

What does that have to do with Lost? The big Lost spoilers for the season finale is we find out how the Oceanic Six lost survivors make it off the island. Their bad dream is over - or is it just beginning? The flash forwards show life post-island is pretty scary for the six. Naturally, the Oceanic Airlines spin doctors cannot pass up the opportunity to put on a coming out news conference, with the Oceanic logo emblazoned on the wall behind the Oceanic 6 survivors. Hurley's parents appear, as does Mr. Paik, Sun's father - also of Paik Heavy Industries.

The final episode of Lost for Season 4 is actually three separate episodes - one hour broadcast first, then the last two hours broadcast two weeks later.

As usual ABC has leaked out some Lost spoilers videos. The first of the Lost videos has a confrontation in the jungle. Sawyer with baby Aaron gets cornered by gun-toting Jack and Kate – the happy island couple, plus Miles the Lost ghost whisperer. Uh or is it Sawyer and Kate the happy island couple? Kate asks the logical Lost Spoilers blog question – Hey dude, “Where’s Claire”. The answer, well she’s sort of dead but not quite. She disappeared at night, of course to go to the Lost cabin to hang with Locke and Jacob. Then the most critical Sawyer-Jack confrontation of Lost Season 4 ensues. Sawyer reveals that the Keamy – Widmore commandos really do want to kill everyone like Locke predicted. Jack, true to character, comes up with a plan doomed to failure and wants to go off into the jungle and track them down, outgunned with his light weaponry. Sawyer, thinks it’s a bad plan.

And, a second Lost Spoilers sneak peak video:

A third of the Lost videos:

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