Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lost Spoilers: Season 4, Episodes 13 and 14

This is the Lost Spoilers blog for Parts 2 and 3 of the Season 4 finale of Lost on ABC TV, called There's No Place Like Home. Also some Lost clues too. First the Lost schedule not so spoilers - The Season 4 finale sets up Season 5 of Lost, with a three-hour airing, called episodes 12, 13 and 14. Part 1 was in episode 12, which ABC broadcast already. It will be re-broadcast before the final 2 hours. Look in the earlier articles here for Lost videos and discussion of Part 1.

Locke Lost SpoilersTime to Make a Move

The big Lost spoilers for the finale of the finale is that we find out who is in the coffin. You remember, Lost Season 3 wrapped up with the mystery of who was in the coffin. Was it (a) Ben? (b) Michael? (c) Someone else? Lost Season 4 never answered that question. But have no fear it gets answered, finally, and the answer is ... (c) Someone else ... maybe ;). The rumors and spoilers have been flying, and we have been debating whether to do a reveal on this one, since TPTB want it a secret for a few more days. But then again they are the ones who leaked it out. Hmmm marketing types, always hyping. Lips are sealed. Let me know on the Lost Exposed Lost Forum what you think.

Now for the Season 4 finale Lost spoilers: This episode wraps up a lot of the mysteries of Season 4, and also sets up some new ones, as usual, for the future. The Ben Lost spoilers are that we find out what happens to Ben in the hands of Keamy. He escapes with the aid of the other others. We find out what happens to Michael. Kaboom. And there are some Jin Lost spoilers, also kaboom, but still there is hope.

Some of the Locke finale Lost Spoilers are Lost Season 5 spoilers too: The question of what happened to Locke in the end gets opened up wide. Locke goes into the Orchid station once Keamy is distracted with his capture of Ben, and he follows the steps to make the island move with help.

As usual some Lost spoilers videos are circulating for Parts 2 and 3 of the season 4 finale. Here is one video promo showing some clips from the episode:

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(Photo from TVSquad / ABC)