Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost Spoilers: Season 4, Episode 12 - Finale Part II

This is Part II of the Lost spoilers for the season 4 finale of Lost TV on ABC. The first part of the Season 4 finale spoilers can be found below or by clicking on this link: Season 4 Finale Spoilers A lot more Lost Spoilers videos and sneak peaks have been leaking out all over the Internet - enough to warrant a second blog article.

First up is a compilation of pictures put out ABC and then compiled into a slideshow - showing the Oceanic 6 news conference:

Lost spoilers video 4: The beach Losties use the helicopter dropped walkie talkie to eavesdrop on the freighter commandos. They are going to the Orchid Station, just like team Ben-Locke-Hurley. Whoever takes the Orchid can move the island and win the battle.

Lost spoilers video 5 for the finale: Sayid head home in the freighter launch. He arrives on the beach and announces he has to the capacity to take back six people. Hmmm the number 6 where did we hear that before? Right ... the Oceanic 6 survivors The Lost spoilers are that only one trip is possible.

Lost spoilers video 6: Team Locke-Ben-Hurley hike through the Oahu jungle to the Orchid Station in a rendezvous with destiny, named Keamy and team Widmore.


Another Lost spoilers sneak peak video: The Oceanic six are flying back to civilization – in particular a military facility outside of Honolulu. An Oceanic Air representative is briefing the six – asking whether they want to attend a press conference. Jack agrees, and once she leaves, they confirm they will stick with the story.